Crusader Kings 3 has taken Fall Guys’ crown in Steam’s top sellers charts

Just two days after launching, Crusader Kings 3 has broken into the top tiers of Steam's charts

Crusader Kings III launched just two days ago, but it already has designs on usurping Fall Guys’ throne – Paradox’s latest grand strategy game has joined Steam’s top five most played games list, and it’s knocked Fall Guys out of the lead position in the top sellers list.

As of this writing, Crusader Kings III is Steam’s number one top selling game, beating out runner-up Fall Guys and third-place Marvel’s Avengers. Just below that, Crusader Kings III’s Royal Edition sits at fourth, giving the dynasty sim a very strong position in the best seller chart.

Also as of the evening of September 3, Crusader Kings III had more than 85,000 concurrent players in-game (with an all-time peak of 97,008), which puts it ahead of Grand Theft Auto V (82,208) and still well below Fall Guys (125,973), according to SteamDB. The top slots, as you might expect, go to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Bear in mind, however, that these figures only cover players on Steam – Crusader Kings III is also available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, and we don’t have any information on how many players have tried the game out on Microsoft’s PC platform yet.

The success is well-earned: Paradox’s latest is “a new gold standard” for the grand strategy genre, as you can read in our Crusader Kings III review.

We’ve also got a Crusader Kings III beginner’s guide if you’re having trouble getting a handle on its complex world of feudal laws and double-crossing royals.