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CS:GO fans are working on their own take on Auto Chess

With Overlords, the CS:GO community is hoping to capitalise on 2019's hottest new trend

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

With the stratospheric rise of Dota Auto Chess and the subsequent arrival of both Dota Underlords and League of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics, I’m of the opinion that it’s only a matter of time before a tidal wave of autobattlers arrives on the scene. And since Dota is the home of the new trend, where better to start than one of Valve’s other games?

A post on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive subreddit yesterday introduced us to the world of CS:GO Auto Chess. Attempting to combine Valve’s team-based FPS with 2019’s hottest new trend, the game mode might be in its early stages, but I feel like there’s a least some potential.

For now, a video of the mode simply sees two characters whacking the butts of their sniper rifles at one another, but the comments under the Reddit thread discuss how different weapons might interact with one another in a more fleshed-out version. Characters wielding knives, for example, would be limited to attacking at melee range.

Once you get a gun in your hands, you gain more range, with snipers offering the ability to attack from across the map. Given how many weapons within similar classes CS:GO offers, there’s the potential to level up your weapons over time, just like in traditional Auto Chess.

It is time to bring CS:GO into 2019 from r/GlobalOffensive

There are also items like body armour, helmets, tasers, and grenades that could offer the ability to change the course of a round if used at the right time. I’m just spitballing here, of course, as the mode is currently in a pretty early state – you can check it out in the clip above.

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Personally, I would have said that Team Fortress 2’s classes would have made it a better fit, but CS:GO Overlords opens up a rich seam of possibilities within Valve’s back catalogue alone; Half-Life Auto Chess, Left 4 Dead Auto Chess, even Portal Auto Chess. Or should that just be Portal Chess?