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Cult of the Lamb dev doesn’t stop at sex, now adds guns to the chaos

Massive Monster and Devolver Digital reveal that not only is sex coming to Cult of the Lamb with Sins of the Flesh, but so are guns.

Cult of the Lamb guns: A sheep wearing a large golden bell and a red cape holds up a small sword, his expression gleeful

Cult of the Lamb has what is possibly the funniest, most interactive team of developers and publishers I’ve had the pleasure of encountering online. Massive Monster and Devolver Digital recently revealed the Sins of the Flesh update, which prompted a variety of joke comments from fans asking for the roguelike to add sex. Long story short, we’re getting sex in-game. That’s not the end of the chaos coming with the big update though, as the team now reveals that it’s adding guns.

Yep. Cult of the Lamb is getting guns, and they’ll arrive in-game with the massive free update, Sins of the Flesh. If you weren’t following the Cult of the Lamb sex situation, it unfolded quickly. The dev responded to fan requests announcing that the game would somehow add sex if its social media account hit 300k followers. This number was surpassed quickly and the indie game dev confirmed that sex was in the works.

The next reveal from Massive Monster included details of a nudist ritual. Now, we’ve got one showcasing literal guns. I’m not sure what the tip-top peak of genre-defying silly additions is, but I’m pretty positive that the Cult of the Lamb dev is nearing it. With guns, nudity, and sex, the game is starting to feel more like Grand Theft Auto 6 than the cozy colony sim meets roguelike that it is.

Alongside the gun-wielding lamb reveal post, we get our first look at the upcoming addition of firearms in action. It looks like we’ll have a barrel with three bullets that reload over time as we fight. The animation is honestly adorable, with the protagonist cult leader angrily wielding a gun that looks like a blunderbuss or hand cannon of sorts.

This is the perfect opportunity for a crossover with Devolver Digital’s other indie hit, Wizard with a Gun. Lamb with a Gun. Thankfully, this also isn’t the last Sins of the Flesh sneak peek. As written in the dev’s latest Steam update, we’ll receive advent calendar-style reveals weekly up until Christmas on Monday, December 25. The patch itself arrives sometime early next year, so we don’t have to wait too much longer.

For now, we can only speculate what the next chaotic feature to come as Sins of the Flesh launches will be. While we wait to find out, you can look through a few of our other favorite roguelike games to get some blood-pumping action in before the update. Alternatively, browse around our roundup of the most immersive city building games if you live for Cult of the Lamb’s colony management vibes.

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