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Cursed Halo mod lets you make Master Chief spin kick a Warthog

This cursed Halo mod is a free download that turns Master Chief's first adventure into a chaotic mess of spin kicks and Minecraft grenades, and it's amazing.

Cursed Halo mod lets you make Master Chief spin kick a Warthog

If you’ve always thought that the original Halo was an FPS game missing spin kicks and guns strapped to the Chief’s noggin, do I have a treat for you. This enhanced “Cursed Halo” mod turns the original Halo: Combat Evolved in the Master Chief Collection into an entirely new experience, and it’s incredible.

This chaos comes from YouTuber and programmer Inferno Plus, who’s actually already put Among Us in Dark Souls and Halo in Dark Souls, because of course they have. You can download the cursed Halo mod right now, just have the Halo 1 campaign and multiplayer in the Master Chief Collection installed, with anti-cheat for the collection turned off.

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Inferno Plus has already created a Cursed Halo mod, so this just makes it better (or worse, depending on your disposition) in every possible way. There’s a shotgun with a bent barrel that shoots off-centre, a black hole gun, a D20 grenade with over 90 random outcomes, and brand-new cutscenes with voice acting.

Seeing Sargeant Johnson give Master Chief an upgrade with “crazy-ass Bruce Lee powers” that lets the famous Spartan 117 do lore-friendly spin and jump kicks is not something I had on my 2023 bingo card, but I’m delighted it’s there, that’s for sure.

“There’s nothing in the lore that says he can’t do that,” Inferno Plus says as Master Chief sends a Warthog careening across the screen with a kick, and I haven’t read all of the Halo novels or parsed the Wiki to confirm or deny this claim, so I guess it’s canon now, or something.

Four pistols can also be strapped to Master Chief’s ankles with duct tape to allow him to double jump, because that also makes complete sense. The spin kick then also becomes a shooting spin kick, which really channels two of my favourite Keanu Reeves series, The Matrix and John Wick.

Cursed Halo mod lets you make Master Chief spin kick a Warthog

Inferno Plus says his “only regret here is that I now have to come up with something even stupider for the next Cursed Halo mod and I’m just not sure that’s possible,” before showing a pistol that reverses all your controls. I applaud the ingenuity, I really do.

There’s a lot shown off in the video and in the Cursed Halo mod in general that I don’t want to spoil here, so if you need a reason to return to Master Chief’s first trip to the Halo ring, you could do a lot worse than making the game this interesting.

Inferno Plus has made this mod due in part to the Master Chief Collection’s recent Steam Workshop support, which makes it much easier to install mods for the game by just having you click a subscribe button and watching the download go. A few of their other mods, including one that adds Minecraft into Halo, are already available on Steam too, with download instructions on Patreon.

A Cursed Halo 2 and 3 are also planned for later down the line, so if you enjoy the enhanced cursed version of the first Halo, get ready for even more chaos. There should even be multiplayer game chaos coming, so keep an eye out for that too.

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