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CD Projekt is still “working on” Cyberpunk 2077 expansions

CD Projekt RED quest director Paweł Sasko confirms the developer is hacking away at the Cyberpunk 2077 expansions, and the team is still working on improvements

Judy Alvarez outside the City, possibly for the Cyberpunk 2077 expansions

The Cyberpunk 2077 expansions are still coming, according to the RPG game‘s quest director Paweł Sasko, who confirms that the team at CD Projekt is still “working on” DLC – as well as further improvements following last month’s big 1.5 update.

The latest big Cyberpunk 2077 patch added a lot of welcome changes to the beleaguered open-world game, including the “next-gen” update and the ability to customise the player character after starting the game. However, there’s still more to come, including the first proper Cyberpunk 2077 expansion.

In his latest Twitch stream (via Reddit and TheGamer), Cyberpunk 2077 quest designer Paweł Sasko was asked about what CD Projekt RED is working on after 1.5. He replied that “unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about our future plans” before going on to talk about the team’s future plans. “I can assure you, we are working on expansions and stuff for you guys,” he says, adding that “we’re still improving the game because we are all aware that there is work to be done.”

Sasko also says that the team is “very happy you guys liked 1.5, and that gives us more… incentive to work for you guys because you like and show your appreciation for it, and you play the game – which is awesome!” Check it out below.

Some Behind The Scenes Story from Quest Director Mr. Paweł Sasko about not all of major characters showing up in 2077 and how Patch 1.5 effected on CDPR. from cyberpunkgame

Beyond that, all the developer could say is that “we are working on stuff for you. I’m literally daily reviewing quests, talking to people about stuff, so it is happening.” As for when the expansion is coming to the cyberpunk game, we can only guess at this point.

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