Cyberpunk 2077 mod puts Final Fantasy XIV in your car

A new Cyberpunk 2077 mod adds the sounds of Eorzea to your car by making new radio channels with customizable playlists for your favorite songs

If you’ve ever driven around Night City and thought a dose of Eorzea is exactly what the metropolis needed, a new Cyberpunk 2077 mod may be music to your ears – quite literally. Final Fantasy XIV Radio from NexusMods user miku393 lets you build a customized FFXIV playlist and add it to the action-RPG, so it plays whenever you turn the radio on. You need a few other mods for this one to work, namely, a previous radio mod that acts as a foundation. Once you’re set up, though, just add your song files into the mod folder, and that’s all it takes to cruise the city to the sounds of Answers and Return to Oblivion.

What makes this one unique, aside from essentially being Eorzea FM in CD Projekt RED’s urban RPG, is how comparatively straightforward it is to use. RadioEXT, the mod this one is built on by keanuWheeze, just needs you to copy and paste songs into the right folder to work, and that’s it. No modding tools, relatively little modding knowledge, and you’ve got a customizable set of radio stations to suit your every mood.

It’s just the latest way fans are trying to keep the Cyberpunk experience fresh in the absence of any new updates. Another recent mod addresses the lack of flying cars in the futuristic RPG by letting you soar through the air in your favorite auto – a perfect match for your personalized radio channels.

Meanwhile, CD Projekt RED hasn’t quite forgotten about Cyberpunk, as the development team recently teased a transmog system in the works. The system is technically in the game already, but you can’t actually access them – not until CDPR pushes another update that unlocks them. That may take a while yet, though, since the next update is taking most of the studio’s resources.

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