Combating Dark and Darker cheaters is a “serious priority”

Ironmace outlines how Dark and Darker cheaters are a big problem for the RPG game right now, but the team is looking into combating them with your help.


Dark and Darker cheating is a top priority for Ironmace, as after a long wait the early access RPG game has finally been made available again. With the full Dark and Darker release date coming sometime soon, and hopefully to Steam, cheaters appear to be running rampant. That said, Ironmace is doing what it can to combat cheaters in Dark and Darker, making the experience smoother for everyone playing the game legitimately.

Ironmace’s stance against cheaters, and how you can help the team get ahold of them, is outlined by developer ‘Graysun’ on Discord, who says that “Right now we are fighting a difficult fight against cheaters as we gather information with Ironshield to deal with this situation.

“The fight against cheating is a serious priority for us, and to further support our community we will offer a Discord account you can directly message with your evidence of cheating for the next 30 days.

“If you have evidence of cheating please message an uploaded video link directly to Ironshield Support [on Discord] with the hacker’s in-game name included in the message. Screenshots are not accepted.”

After Dark and Darker was removed from Steam due to an ongoing issue with publisher Nexon, despite the game’s massive initial success, it’s been a rough road for the game. Dark and Darker suddenly rereleased in early access, and then Ironmace announced that it would be making all classes free and offering refunds to anyone who bought them, after many players criticized both the class price points and the amount of grinding that would be needed to be done to unlock them without payment.

“Classes are now free,” Ironmace said. “Please note that currency that was used to unlock a class will be returned in a future update. We apologize for this delay.”

If you’re deep into the game and want some help we’ve got everything you need to know about leveling up fast in Dark and Darker, alongside a complete Dark and Darker guide giving you some key tips while dungeon crawling.