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Dark and Darker “realistically” had to add microtransactions

Ironmace has called the inclusion of an in-game store a "realistic" part of running Dark and Darker, so expect to see microtransactions at launch.

Dark and Darker "realistically" had to add microtransactions: A red-haired female wearing leather and fabric battle armor roars with rage as he hefts her mace above her head

Following Dark and Darker‘s surprise early access launch on Monday, August 7, Ironmace has confirmed that the RPG game will include an in-game store and that it is a “realistic” caveat of running a live service game. If you’re a Dark and Darker player, that’s either news you didn’t want to hear or really wanted to hear.

After a surprise August 7 early access launch on new distributor Chaf Games, Ironmace has confirmed on its Discord that, at launch, the game will include an online store.

CEO Terrance Park writes “we want to address the elephant in the room and talk about the addition of the in-game shop. Our assumption when we started this company was that you could still build a lucrative business while being true to your fans. The in-game shop is our attempt at being realistic with the business of running an online game but trying to find a way to do it without resorting to random loot boxes and FOMO items.

“We want to offer players a fair way to support us while enjoying the game,” he continues. “Please let us know how you think we’re doing on this front. In addition to the in-game shop we’ve added a founder’s edition/add-on pack to show our appreciation to the loyal fans who’ve stuck with us through this crazy journey available through the platform you purchase the game [sic].”

A commrnt from Ironmace CEO Terrence Park on Dark and Darker's in-game store and microtransactions

You can purchase Dark and Darker on Chaf Games’ website following its removal from Steam earlier this year – although keep in mind it’s still an early-access game. Despite the legal complications surrounding the game, Ironmace remains adamant that it will see a Dark and Darker Steam release in the future. For now, however, Chaf Games is your go-to.

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