Dark Souls Remastered PC servers are back online

That's right, after almost a year the Dark Souls Remastered PC servers are back online thanks to FromSoftware, so you can PvP and PvE in the RPG game

Dark Souls Remastered PC servers are back online: a knight kindles a flame in front of him, with a coiled sword coming out of the bonfire

The Dark Souls Remastered PC servers are now back online according to FromSoftware, after a safety concern saw all the Dark Souls series servers brought offline to prevent player hacks. Even though the original Prepare to Die Edition PC servers are never coming back, at least the 2018 remaster of the RPG game can now be played online on PC again.

The official Dark Souls Twitter account says that “Online features for the PC version of Dark Souls Remastered have been reactivated. Thank you once again for your patience, understanding, and support.”

At the start of 2022 all of the Dark Souls series had its online servers deactivated on PC, including PvP and online message writing, due to a Remote Code Execution hack that impacted Dark Souls 3, which could give an in-game invader access to your PC. Bandai Namco and FromSoftware then deactivated all of the servers to be safe, with Dark Souls 3 servers back online earlier this year. Dark Souls 2 followed fairly recently as well.

This means now’s the perfect time to dive back into Darks Souls Remastered, or try a titan of RPG and multiplayer games for the first time. Many players are calling for players to jump back into PvP and PvE, to reignite the online presence of the game. But if you decide to wait a few weeks, you could join in with a yearly community event.

Called Return to Lordran, the annual event designates a period of time for Dark Souls Remastered players to all flood back into the game, in an effort to make the online elements of the game shine as though it has just come out. It’s currently set for four weeks after servers return, which they just have, so be sure to get your PvP builds ready for some action.

With the release of Elden Ring, the RCE exploit was a very real threat to the servers and online experience of FromSoftware’s work, so it’s honestly great to see all of the Dark Souls series back up and running, with its incredibly unique take on multiplayer interaction available to everyone.

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