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Elden Ring bosses may get even bigger in new DLC for FromSoftware RPG

Elden Ring bosses might be getting some reinforcements in a new DLC for the Soulsborne FromSoftware RPG according to findings from a recent datamine

Elden Ring bosses may get even bigger in new DLC for FromSoftware RPG: Godfrey from FromSoftware RPG Elden Ring

Elden Ring bosses, from Godrick to Malenia, are some of the toughest challenges in gaming, and a new datamine of the FromSoftware RPG game suggests that an upcoming DLC could make the Elden Ring boss list even longer.

Examining the code for Elden Ring, it appears there are 30 unused “flags” for potential boss fights. In broad terms, flags are used to signify when a boss has been encountered, when the fight with them begins, and what items they may drop when defeated. Allow us to labour a metaphor here: if you imagine a big bus full of all the current Elden Ring bosses, the datamine suggests that there are still 30 empty seats that FromSoftware has deliberately left unoccupied with a view to filling them later on. With the latest 1.07 update already providing hints at possible Elden Ring DLC content, this new datamine suggests that a potential, upcoming expansion could also add new boss encounters.

However, although there is room for more bosses, we might not necessarily get a full 30 if and when an Elden Ring DLC arrives. According to dataminer Sekiro Dubi, who unearthed the code, there is room – or seats, to labour the metaphor again – but that doesn’t mean it will all be used.

“In the section where boss flags are declared they left out room for 30 flags for DLC purposes,” the dataminer says. “These events initialise flags and loot for killing bosses. So, I’m not saying the DLCs are going to add 30 new bosses, but they made room for as many as those.”

The datamine also hints at the appearance of new NPCs who are labelled in the Elden Ring code using the generic, but also highly mysterious designation “Someone Yet Unseen”. There are allegedly 16 “Someone Yet Unseens” that may also appear, alongside new bosses, in a potential Elden Ring DLC. Fans have speculated that the new Elden Ring content could be unveiled at The Game Awards on December 8.

With new ones potentially on their way, you’ll want to make sure you’ve already toppled the toughest bosses in the Lands Between using our Elden Ring bosses guide. You might also want to gather yourself the best Elden Ring armour and the best Elden Ring weapons, because who knows what FromSoftware might throw at us come DLC time.