Dave the Diver does swimmingly on Steam, selling over a million copies

Indie game Dave the Diver has been nothing short of shrimply amazing since it released on Steam recently, with over a million copies sold since.

A diver wearing a blue wet suit and yellow flippers points upwards toward a streak of electric blue light

Dave the Diver has been making waves since launching on Steam a little over a week ago, already hitting over a million sales on the platform. The indie game is casual, cozy, and unique in all of the best ways, serving us the story of a diving sushi restaurant manager called Dave as he embarks on an adventurous journey with quirky friends to discover secrets hidden within the depths. Its success isn’t surprising at all, considering how ever-expanding the wholesome gaming community is and how well-made Dave the Diver is.

Currently sitting with overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, Dave the Diver has not just hit one million players, but also a solid 89 Metacritic score and an 89 OpenCritic score. On Valve’s platform alone, over 28,000 players have left a review detailing their time as Dave and why it has been so positive.

Game director Jaeho Hwang has responded to all of the player feedback so far, saying “I appreciate the community so much for being active and providing crucial feedback.” The developer has been on top of the pixel game since its release, dropping several hotfixes. With over 98,000 peak concurrent players, Dave the Diver certainly won’t be slowing down on the player side anytime soon.

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I can honestly say I understand the hype as this has been one of my favorite games so far this year, thanks to its comfy 2.5D charm and its one-of-a-kind premise. You can grab it right now for 10% off on Steam along with other indies on sale.

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