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DayZ update adds a grenade launcher, mines, and other explosives

DayZ update 1.18 adds a range of explosives that include an M79 grenade launcher, claymore mines, plastic explosives, and plenty more

DayZ update 1.18: Characters pose with new DayZ weapons, including an M79 grenade launcher

DayZ Update 1.18 has arrived in the zombie survival game’s stable branch, and it’s going to leave a mark. That’s because this patch adds an earth-shaking number of explosives, including a grenade launcher, fireworks, mines, and more.

DayZ’s first grenade launcher arrives in the form of the M79, first used by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. It’s a single-shot, break-action weapon that can hurl a 40mm grenade up to 300 metres. You can load it with smoke grenades (black, white, red, or green) and fragmentation grenades. Bohemia Interactive says it’s also added another type of grenade that you can find in contaminated areas – we reckon it has something toxic in it.

Update 1.18 also adds the claymore mine, which can be detonated remotely. You can also craft new improvised explosive devices by combining protector cases with an explosive and some kind of trigger mechanism – that can be an alarm clock, a kitchen timer, or a remote detonation unit – which can also be used with the new plastic explosive added in this patch.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

For something a bit less destructive, there’s also the new fireworks launcher, which you can find in abandoned amusement parks. Based on the patch notes, it seems these may be useful as a distraction for the infected.

Bohemia says its planned update to DayZ’s vehicle simulation wasn’t ready for this update, and that it’ll have more information on that front available shortly.