Dead by Daylight finally offers solution for disconnecting players

Dead by Daylight has just released its developer update, and it looks like we're getting bots to make up for disconnected survivors in DBD.

Sadako, a long black-haired girl from The Ring, climbs out of a well in the woods with a yellow-jacketed man standing behind her holding a flashlight

Dead by Daylight is the horror game that just keeps on giving, from its new characters to its regular updates. Behaviour Interactive has even more content on the way, including some balance changes and more exciting new features. The Dead by Daylight developers have just posted an update on the upcoming additions, detailing some of the character tweaks and bigger news like the addition of survivor disconnect bots powered by AI. Players have been struggling with disconnected survivors in DBD for a good while now, making this a welcome addition.

Back in May during a live stream, developers first announced Dead by Daylight survivor disconnect bots and some anti-camping measures. They have just revealed the update adding the bots is on the way, stating that “any survivor who disconnects will be replaced with an AI substitute.” The devs followed up by saying that “everyone in the match will be notified that a bot has taken over.” Players that have disconnected will still receive their usual penalty and forfeit any accumulated rewards.

DBD devs also wrote that the AI-powered bots will regularly be updated so as to improve their quality. Alongside the disconnect bots, the game is introducing a “successful report” feature so that players know the devs have looked at their report. “In the next update, you’ll notice a window appear when logging in if one or more of your reports has led to a ban.” No longer will we be left wondering if our reports made a difference, as the message will also show “the date of the player band and the reason for banning.”

Another notable change is that of The Onryo. Cursed Tapes have become more dangerous, meaning that taking one “is now a strategic choice you will need to make.”  Projection is also being overhauled with changes that “make it much easier to spread Condemned while using your power in a way that feels natural.” Sadako isn’t the only killer being tweaked, as more general updates are coming for the frightening figures.

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Most notably, hook grabs are going to work very differently. As stated by the devs, “we are removing grabs from unhooking survivors.” This means that you won’t have to play cat-and-mouse with the killer as you try to save your friend. However, “the killer will still be able to hit you twice before you can make your escape.” In other words, you’ll be trading your own life for your friend’s.

Brand new parts have been frustrating for killers, leading DBD devs to rework them in the upcoming update as well. “When a brand new part is installed, you will face a difficult skill check.” If you succeed the skill check, the generator’s required charges will be reduced by 10 and the add-on will be consumed. “As this lowers the required charges for the affected generator, any regression perks which apply regression based on the generator’s total charges will have their effectiveness slightly reduced.”

Other upcoming content coming with the update includes balance changes to perks, killer tweaks, and a balance update for Coldwind Farm maps so that survivors are not too overpowered. You can view the full developer update notes here on the DBD website if you want to dive deeper into the smaller gameplay changes.

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