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Dead by Daylight patch notes - update brings new killer and map

Dead by Daylight has just dropped its patch notes for the 7.0.0 Update, also known as End Transmission, and it includes a variety of new features.

The new robotic AI boss from Dead by Daylight standing in front of a purple lit background

Dead by Daylight is widely regarded as one of the best horror games to come of the last decade, largely due to its inclusion of multiplayer functionality and iconic slasher killers. With frequent updates adding in new maps to explore and new characters to play as, it comes as no surprise that Dead by Daylight maintains its dedicated player base. The most frequent patch to come is the 7.0.0 Update, dubbed End Transmission. From the new killer introduced to the more general tweaks, End Transmission is packing quite a punch.

The most important addition to Dead by Daylight with this patch is almost definitely the new killer, also known as The Singularity. His power has been dubbed the “Quantum Instantiation.” By shooting and spawning Biopods across the map, the killer can have them attach to any vertical surface and then control them remotely to look around or tag survivors, inflicting them with a Temporal Slipstream. While Slipstreamed, The Singularity will be able to teleport to you. Slipstreaming is spreadable like an infection, so any nearby players may also pick it up if close to you.

Upon Slipstream teleporting, the Singularity will enter Overclock Mode in which he does everything a bit faster and can also not be stunned. With the new killer comes a new special interaction as well, the Electromagnetic Pulse. At the beginning of each Trial, several Supply Cases spawn, each containing an EMP. Survivors can use these EMPs to remove the Slipstream from themselves or others, or to destroy a Biopod. Three new perks, Genetic Limits, Forced Hesitation, and Machine Learning also come along with the Singularity.

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Aside from the new killer and his buffs, a new survivor is coming to Dead by Daylight. Gabriel Soma, who has three special perks, will be playable. While chased by the killer, Gabriel can activate Troubleshooter which allows him to see the aura of the generator with the most progress. He can also see the aura of the killer sporadically. While injured, Gabriel also runs faster and gains endurance upon healing another survivor.

Update 7.0.0 sees the addition of a new map in Dead by Daylight, too. Dvarka Deepwood’s Toba Landing is coming, described as “a promise for humanity to rebuild on a new planet.” The environment is said to have split into two distinct biomes, one that is rocky and bare and another that is a lush and busy jungle. Developers wrote on the new map, “This planet looks wild and untouched, but the more you look around, it is possible to notice a civilization once thrived and left evidence of its presence on some familiar elements, such as the shack and the exit gate.”

Other more general changes coming with the End Transmission patch include killer tweaks, perk updates, and new events. The seventh anniversary Twisted Masquerade event begins June 21, 2023 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST / 5pm CET. Aside from various bug fixes, Dead by Daylight is also finally getting a search bar. Yes, you read that right. The loadout and customization screens finally have a search bar. You can now filter your items, add-ons, offerings, perks, cosmetics, outfits and charms using the search textbox.

If you want to read through the full patch notes, you can find them on Dead by Daylight’s official announcement here. There are quite a few little changes and fixes, but we have made sure to cover the most significant ones in our rundown.

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