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Dead by Daylight teases a rework of its most hated map

Behaviour Interactive just hinted toward a possible coming rework of one of Decimated Borgo's most infamous DBD maps, Shattered Square.

Dead by Daylight map rework: A bloodied knight wearing a full set of armor st

Dead by Daylight is the horror game of every spooky fan’s dreams, offering thrilling multiplayer gameplay and a cast of iconic slasher characters to play as. Behaviour Interactive is constantly adding new features to the game, from killers and survivors to themed maps. The developer recently posted another possible update hinting toward a rework of one of Dead by Daylight‘s most hated maps. If you’ve played through the Decimated Borgo’s Shattered Square map, then you know how annoyingly big, dark, and imperfect it can feel in DBD.

Behaviour Interactive dropped the hint in a post on Twitter. “I’m lost,” the developer writes. “Does anyone have a map?” Accompanying the writing is a picture taken from the Shattered Square map. If you’re not familiar with this part of the Decimated Borgo’s realm or what makes it so problematic, its issues have a lot to do with an overly dark, red color scheme and sheer size.

The map is strikingly… well, red. The darkness coupled with the red marks makes it especially difficult for killers to discern actual scratches and blood stains from survivors.

Tweet from Dead by Daylight devs hinting toward the map rework

Perhaps the map will be split into smaller halves, like RPD which was previously split into Raccoon City Police Station East Wing and Raccoon City Police Station West Wing. Other possible changes could include brighter lighting and less red throughout the map to make it easier for killers.

For now, the dev hasn’t yet detailed what the mysterious post means. Hopefully, Shattered Square will see a better balance for killers and survivors, and become more popular with the possible rework.

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