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DBD safe to play again with May roadmap teasing future content

Dead by Daylight's been having a rough time recently but there's incoming content on the horizon and a big issue might just be fixed.

DBD safe to play again with May roadmap teasing future content: Nicolas Cage as seen in Dead by Daylight looks towards the viewer in front of a neon 90s style arcade.

When you’ve got a game on your hands like Dead by Daylight it’s important to keep the content ball rolling so that players never get bored. That’s a lesson that developer Behaviour Interactive has learned well, with each month getting its own series of updates that either drop new stuff or tweak existing stuff. This May is no different but it is coming off the back of one of the most tumultuous periods in the game’s history.

Over the last few weeks players have seen a few issues crop up in Dead by Daylight. The asymmetrical multiplayer game in particular fell foul of a problem following its change in game engine, with strobing and flashing lights causing the developer to issue a photosensitivity warning to players. Thankfully, the issue appears to be resolved with a patch introduced a few days ago, so if you’ve been staying away from your beloved DBD for health reasons, you should be able to dive back in now.

That said, some issues continue to bother players, with rubber-banding and hitching issues top of the list for developer Behaviour Interactive to investigate. In the middle of all of this, the May roadmap has just been announced showing what’s coming to the game over this month, and it’s looking pretty stacked.

The big thing coming is a series of pre-Masquerade events all themed to celebrate the upcoming eighth anniversary. On Tuesday, May 14 there’ll be a livestream from the developer along with new outfits and rewards hitting the game every following week. A particular surprise, considering licensed characters often don’t get as much content, is the announcement that the 14th will also see a new Nicolas Cage collection arrive in DBD.

The full May roadmap for Dead by Daylight.

Along with the Public Test Build going live in the middle of the month and several new store collections, May will also see a new modifier launch which will run between Thursday, May 16 through Thursday, May 23. Titled Chaos Shuffle, it’ll give players random perks in a time-limited mode, along with a new tome to earn rewards in.

It seems, according to one DBD leaker, this event may have been pushed back while the developer works on the technical issues affecting the main game. It’s also rumored that there will be a Blood Feast event covering the period Chaos Shuffle is live, with all matches receiving three times the normal amount of Bloodpoints. If true, this would mark the first Blood Feast event the game has received since 2017.

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It’s all looking extremely lively on the Dead by Daylight front, so if you’d like to jump in why not check out our guide to all current DBD codes to get your gaming started right. Should you like to know who’s currently ruling the roost, our best DBD killer rankings will see you armed with knowledge.

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