New DBD killer could be the Terminator – Hasta la vista, baby

A new Dead by Daylight Terminator killer could be on the way, as Behaviour Interactive teases a mechanical robot ahead of DBD Chapter 27 announcement.

New DBD killer The Terminator: Dead by Daylight Chapter 27 could feature the Terminator following teaser trailer showing a skull with a red, robotic eye

A new Dead By Daylight killer arrives in the horror game some time in March, and a new teaser trailer has suggested that you might just be able to go around killing people after all as, well, the Terminator. After all, there’s little else to assume when you’re shown a robotic skull with a red, glowing eye, right?

As you can see, the trailer shows a blueprint for a mechanical skull, before panning over to the robotic head shortly after. With one glowing red eye, it makes sense that fans have jumped to the conclusion that DBD Chapter 27 will feature The Terminator in another licensed crossover.

While there were rumours that the next chapter in the survival game would feature Five Nights at Freddy’s, fans don’t seem at all disappointed with the news, with comments on an official tweet generally conveying excitement at being mori’d by one of Skynet’s finest.

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It’s not a massive leap to assume the this chapter focuses around the mechanical menace as it is called Tools of Torment – Behaviour loves a bit of alliteration,, and so do I. What’s more, the franchise comes with the perfect killer and the perfect choice of survivor, too – not least in Sarah Connor.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for absolute confirmation as a full reveal is due on February 15, but we’ll be back (sorry) with more on the next chapter when it’s announced. In the meantime, Behaviour Interactive has already released a bunch of information about the next developer update, including new skins and an overhaul to the Red Forest map.

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