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Dead By Daylight teases new single-player horror game reveal

Wondering how Supermassive Games' single-player Dead by Daylight game is getting on? All will be revealed at this year's Game Awards.

A shadowy, masked figure with several other unsettling figures behind them.

Dead by Daylight is getting a single-player game, but Supermassive Games has been tight-lipped about it thus far. That’s all set to change now, as the developer confirms the new game will be revealed for the first time at The Game Awards 2023.

When Supermassive Games announced it was developing a single-player horror game based on Dead by Daylight, the excitement was palpable. Because if anyone can turn Behaviour Interactive’s horror-themed asymmetric multiplayer game into a solo experience, it’s Supermassive.

Supermassive is known for its interactive horror games where characters’ fates can hang on your decisions.  And now, six months later, Supermassive has confirmed we’ll see its single-player Dead by Daylight game at The Game Awards. I can’t wait to see just what nightmares they’ll inflict on the gaming public.

I do mean nightmares because Supermassive may involve more than one of Dead by Daylight’s maniacal murderers. Launching with just four in 2016, Behaviour’s game now has 33 Dead by Daylight killers (including several guest killers), each with their own individual backstories. That’s an absolute treasure trove of lore for Supermassive to mine.

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“This is a whole new way for horror fans to experience Dead by Daylight,” says studio director Steve Goss in Supermassive’s announcement video.

Supermassive has also hinted at how events in the game unfold. The game’s matches, or trials, take place in a fragmented realm, under the watch of an otherworldly being known as the Entity. But, as executive producer Traci Tufte confirms, the game takes place in the ‘real’ world, outside of the Entity’s control. So, even if you’re a Dead by Daylight expert, all bets are off.

There’s an all-new set of survivors too, which means no Nicolas Cage, sorry. Tune into The Game Awards to see the reveal and learn more about the new game’s roster this Thursday, December 7 from 4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST or on Friday, 8 December at 12:30am GMT / 1:30am CET / 11:30am AEDT.

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