You can play as Maria from Silent Hill 2 in DBD, kind of

Dead By Daylight Tome 16 Existence is here, as Nic Cage arrives, The Onyro gets some great changes, new Silent Hill cosmetics are announced, and more for DBD.

You can play as Maria from Silent Hill 2 in DBD, kind of

Dead By Daylight Tome 16 Existence is here, bringing with it Nic Cage, improvements to Onyro, a new Silent Hill 2 outfit, and a whole host of changes to the asymmetrical multiplayer game. So if you’re excited about Cage’s addition strap in, because there’s a lot of new stuff in Dead By Daylight right now.

Dead By Daylight’s Tome 16 Existence is here, as a part of the latest End Transmission chapter. There’s a lot to break down in regard to characters, new features and updates, and of course the one and only Nic Cage. Just don’t expect DBD’s DC penalties to disappear this patch, or anytime soon.

First up, DBD has a “successful report” feedback feature, a balance update for Coldwind, and changes to The Onyro (that’s the girl from The Ring).

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The successful report feature is here to give you feedback on the status of your player reports, so you can see if the player you reported has been banned, whether that be temporarily or permanently.

According to the DBD patch, both “The Fractured Cowshed and Rancid Abattoir Maps have been analyzed and reworked thoroughly to adjust tiles and create a more balanced experience for both Killer and Survivors,” as well.

Meanwhile, the Onyro can see which of the four survivors hold a VHS tape while teleporting, which Behaviour says is to “allow Killer mains to choose whether to concentrate on hits – to increase the Survivors’ Condemned stacks – or teleport as much as possible to maintain global pressure on the whole map during a match.”

You can play as Maria from Silent Hill 2 in DBD, kind of

On top of these changes in DBD Tome 16, there is a slew of outfits and cosmetics for both killers and survivors, with Silent Hill and Nic Cage stealing the show. The Nicolas Cage Essential Collection adds two of the film star’s iconic looks to the game, in the Sunset Racer and Gorgon Drip outfits. Now that DBD finally has Nic Cage, life is good – Cage’s voice lines hopefully pave the way for better survivors, too.

While Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason are both already in DBD, you’ll soon be able to turn her into Maria from Silent Hill 2 ahead of the remake, with the Silent Hill collection available starting Tuesday, August 15.

You can play as Maria from Silent Hill 2 in DBD, kind of

On top of all that, you can expect the Scorching BBQ event to return between August 3 and 17, so there’s a lot going on in DBD right now.

In the meantime, we’ve got all the Dead By Daylight killers put in a comprehensive tier list for you, alongside all of the active DBD codes that you’ll want to get in on.