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Dead by Daylight update is good news for killers, but not survivors

Behaviour Interactive reveals a new DBD update, nerfing a beloved survivor perk and buffing Dead by Daylight's most fashionable killer.

Dead by Daylight update: Trickster, a short-haired man with a bright yellow coat and yellow glowing eyes stands with his weapon back against his shoulder, neon lights behind him

Dead by Daylight is back with yet another massive new update, but it doesn’t bring good news for all of us. If you’re a survivor, you may want to take a seat for this one. In a move reminiscent of DBD’s old infamous Decisive Strike perk teardown, the game has just nerfed one of its most powerful perks for injured survivors, Made For This. This isn’t the only good news for killers accompanying the latest update, though. Buffs are also underway for The Trickster, Behaviour Interactive’s popstar killer.

If you’re a longtime fan of Dead by Daylight, then you probably look forward to the horror game‘s regular updates. Whether you’re a killer or a survivor, each patch tends to deliver changes relevant to your gameplay experience. Behaviour Interactive’s recent developer update outlines a good few future adjustments and features, with a couple of hard-hitting changes in particular underway.

Made For This, a helpful perk allowing injured survivors to escape more quickly, faces one of the most significant nerfs DBD has seen in a long while. The dev writes that even a minimal speed boost “can make a big difference in the right hands,” which makes survivors “very difficult to catch.” Made For This is “often unavoidable” according to the dev, as it activates immediately upon a survivor’s injury.

In hopes of making the perk more fair for killers, Behaviour Interactive is adding “an additional condition to the Haste effect.” You’ll now only get Made For This when affected by Deep Wounds. Since the perk is now much more situational, the dev states that the “effect now applies while Exhausted as well.” The nerf feels a whole lot like Decisive Strike’s from the past, and I’m not sure survivors will use Made For This anymore.

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This isn’t the only change that killers can look forward to, though. If you main as The Trickster, you’ll be happy to learn that the stylish killer is about to play much better. The ranged killer will now through four blades per second instead of three with Rapid Fire, with absolutely no recoil to boot. This should make the blades easier to control.

The Trickster’s movement speed is also increasing slightly to put him “on par” with other killers. Main Event receives a giant rework with the update too, requiring just six blades to charge instead of the previous whopping 30. The dev has also reduced its duration to five seconds, though. The killer’s add-ons also play differently, with new effects.

For a full dive into his ability changes and other features coming with future updates, check the developer’s post.  A new customization option, player cards, and some map reworks are also on the way, like the Garden of Joy and the Red Forest. You can hop into the game’s public test build to experience the updates firsthand starting Wednesday, November 8.

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