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How to use Dead Island 2 fast travel and locations

Dead Island 2 fast travel is essential to getting around LA in a flash, especially since, you know, all the bus drivers are undead now.

A colourful and illustrated Dead Island 2 fast travel map is pinned to the wall of the Halperin hotel.

Want to know how to fast travel in Dead Island 2 and all available locations? While the main story of Dead Island 2 is somewhat linear, you need to return to previous locations in order to collect rare items and weapons and carry out side quests. That’s where Dead Island 2 fast travel comes in.

The Dead Island 2 map is a fair size. It’s not the biggest by any means, but considering there are no driveable vehicles – unlike the first game in the series – Venice Beach to Hollywood Boulevard is a bloody long way to go on foot. If you want to pop back to Bel-Air to find the Dead Island 2 Goat Pen master keys, or change quests from the deadly final boss to an easier side quest, you’ll want to unlock Dead Island 2 fast travel maps first.

A Dead Island 2 fast travel map sits on the table in the Blue Crab Bar and Grill.

How to fast travel in Dead Island 2

To fast travel, interact with a fast travel map and choose your location. If you are currently tracking a specific quest, be it a side quest or a main story mission, the location towards which you need to travel will be highlighted.

You unlock fast travel maps once you crawl out of the sewer and into the glaring sunshine of Venice Beach. Well, almost. Once you’ve adjusted to the daylight once again, make your way to the Blue Crab Grill where your first fast travel map is lying on a table. Any fast travel areas you’ve already visited will now have maps of their own.

Dead Island 2 fast travel locations

As soon as you unlock fast travel, you’ll find maps in each of the following safe house locations. These could be on the wall or on a table, so you might have to look around, but they should be pretty obvious.

You can travel to and from any of the following locations:

  • Beverly Hills: Roxanne’s House
  • Halperin Hotel: Janitor’s Office
  • Bel-Air: Emma’s Mansion
  • Monarch Studios: Green Screen
  • Hollywood Boulevard: Re-aging Clinic
  • The Metro: Utility Storage
  • The Pier: Lifeguard HQ
  • Venice Beach: Blue Crab Grill

That’s all you need to know about Dead Island 2 fast travel. As we mention in our Dead Island 2 review, killing named zombies unlocks some high-level items, but you won’t meet them all in your first playthrough. Unlock the different Dead Island 2 zombies and variants, and you might start seeing some new faces – and names – popping up around you. They won’t play nice though, so make sure you’ve equipped your favourite Dead Island 2 skills, and have used blueprints to make the most deadly weapons possible.