All Dead Space Node locations

If you need to upgrade your weapons, equipment, and suit, here’s where to find all Dead Space Power Node locations and how to use them.

Dead Space remake node locations: Isaac Clarke stands in profile aboard the USG Ishimura.

Looking for Dead Space Power Node locations? These uncommon items are usually found in blue wall lockers scattered across the Ishimura and – as in the original Dead Space – bought from the Store for 10,000 credits.

They are used to buy Dead Space armor upgrades, weapon upgrades, equipment, and to unlock doors that contain important items like ammo, supplies, credits, and medical packs. You can upgrade equipment using Power Nodes at a bench, placing the nodes in slots on your weapon or suit to unlock skill trees or increase the performance of the equipment. The Dead Space Remake could well be one of the best PC games of the year, so let’s get into where you can find Dead Space Power Nodes.

Dead Space Remake Power Node locations

Here is every Dead Space Remake power node location:

Chapter 1

  • Tram Repair Room
  • Cargo Hall Store Room
  • Maintenance Bay Office
  • Flight Deck Supply Room

Chapter 2

  • Diagnostic Technician Room
  • Limb Stimulation Therapy Room
  • ER Hallway B
  • Ishimura Clinic
  • Patient Locker Room

Chapter 3

  • Tram Control
  • Fuel Management Room
  • Centrifuge Control North
  • Fuel Storage
  • Engine Room

Chapter 4

  • Main Atrium
  • Bridge Storage Room
  • Admin Server Maintenance
  • Electrical systems

Chapter 5

  • Dr. Warwick’s Office
  • Chemical Lab
  • Emergency Supply Storage

Chapter 6

  • Refrigeration Tower
  • Air Filtration Tower
  • Annex Control Room
  • Brute Necromorph fight
  • Tram Station

Chapter 7

  • Equipment Workshop
  • B-Deck: Processing
  • Mining Storage
  • Utility Room

Chapter 8

  • Refueling Control Stations
  • Nutrition Systems
  • Maintenance Gondola
  • ADS Cannon Hallway
  • Water Purification Storage

Chapter 9

  • USM Valor Room
  • Cargo Bay
  • Engine Room

Chapter 10

  • Level Six Z-Ball
  • Crew Quarters hallway
  • Storage Room
  • Captain Mathias’ Quarters
  • Floor 2 Crew Quarters

Chapter 11

  • Cargo Bay
  • Flight Deck
  • Flight Deck Control Center

Chapter 12

  • Landing Zone
  • Store Room
  • Holding Zone 2B
  • Brute Necromorph fight
  • Transfer Function
  • Reaching the Shuttle

That’s everything we know about the Dead Space Remake node locations, if you’re wondering how these chapters fit into the story, here’s how long Dead Space is, how to get Dead Space suit upgrades, and all the details on the Dead Space cast. In the meantime, here are the best horror games for you to get stuck into.