How long is Dead Space?

If we were trapped on a spaceship filled with terrifying aliens, we’d also want to know when the journey ends, so here’s how long Dead Space is.

Dead Space Remake length: Isaac Clarke standing next to a large alien corpse inside the Ishimura spaceship

How long is Dead Space? The Dead Space Remake makes a number of key changes to differentiate it from the original game in order to bring it up to today’s high standards. The most obvious change to the game is that it looks visually stunning, but the Dead Space Remake features a number of important gameplay tweaks to improve the 2008 cult classic.

It’s no surprise that Dead Space remains one of the best horror games we’ve ever played, and there’s a good chance this remake ends up on our best PC games list by the end of the year. Horror games usually like to keep things short and sweet, and this is no exception. Our Dead Space review goes into detail on how this loving remake improves on the original in nearly every way, but how long will it take you to complete?

Dead Space main story length

It takes, on average, around 12 hours to complete the main story of Dead Space. A host of sidequest content was added to this remake, and with the amount of backtracking and extra tasks assigned to Issac, you could be looking at over 16 hours for a completionist run.

That’s all you need to know about how long Dead Space is. One of the big changes in the Dead Space Remake is that the previously mute Isaac Clarke now has a voice. Check out our Dead Space cast guide to find out which actors are in the game, or we also have a guide on the Dead Space weapon upgrades and suit upgrades if you want to see how the upgrade process has changed since the original. If you’re already a seasoned Necromorph veteran, maybe it’s time to take on Dead Space new game plus, making sure to collect every Dead Space Marker Fragment so you can get the secret Dead Space ending – just remember to grab the Dead Space Peng treasure on your way.