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Dead Space remake has some horror game competition with this demake

The upcoming Dead Space remake isn't the only Necromorph reimagining on the block as this horror game demo is of a PS1-style Dead Space demake, and it's great

Dead Space remake has some horror game competition with this demake: Pixelated face of Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2

The upcoming Dead Space remake wants to revitalise and bring the classic horror game to the modern era of gaming, but what if we took it back into the 90s instead? This is exactly what game designer Fraser Brumley is doing, as they’re remaking Dead Space in their own way, by channelling the likes of the early Silent Hill and Resident Evil games.

This Dead Space demake project from Brumley is serving as a demo for their own survival/horror action game that takes inspiration from the likes of Dead Space and Resident Evil, and if this project is anything to go by, they could have something truly incredible on their hands.

“To make this game I’m gonna have to develop a lot of things like games systems, mechanics and the workflows for making oldschool graphics,” explains Brumley on Patreon. “So I figured while developing this larger project I would start with a much smaller project, one that would help get some eyes on my work early and let me test things out.

The “Dead Space Demake is going to be a free demo length fan homage to the original Dead Space but remade in the style of PS1 horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill,” adds Brumley, who once again proves that strong art direction and ideas can be translated into a more ‘primitive’ form of game design, just like with Bloodborne PSX.

So, the Dead Space remake might just have some competition, as Brumley is aiming to get it out before or around the Dead Space remake release date of January next year. It’ll also just be the “first level or so” of Dead Space and, while it’s modelled after the PS1 visual style, it won’t be coming out on that hardware as that would be “crazy hard” to do.

As mentioned, this Dead Space demake isn’t for the Dead Space remake, but for Brumley’s own upcoming spooky PS1-inspired horror game, with the demo here acting as a sort of proof of concept and smart bit of marketing. Brumley should be updating their progress alongside EA Motive’s updates on the Dead Space remake on their Twitter account, or you can take a look at their Patreon to learn more and support their work.

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