Dead Space remake could make Nvidia PhysX relevant again

A new Dead space remake clip shows off the horror game's VFX elements, and it could help thrust the likes of Nvidia PhysX back into the gaming PC spotlight

Dead Space Remake: Isaac Clarke fighting Necromorphs with Nvidia Physics logo on one of their heads

A new Dead Space remake teaser shows its visual effects, and it could help PhysX become a thing again within the gaming PC scene. The short clip demonstrates environmental effects that “live in the physics world,” something that breathes life into the sci-fi horror game’s particles.

According to a Dead Space remake clip, elements like smoke will “interact” with player movement, leading to a more natural effect. In turn, this means players can manipulate things like smoke, fog, pyrotechnics, and fumes, facilitating an extra layer of eerie immersion.

It’s worth noting that while PhysX is anything but new, most modern gaming PC discussions revolve around features like ray tracing. In a way, this Dead Space trailer thrusts particle simulation back into the spotlight, meaning we could see the upcoming games take full advantage of VFX. Naturally, the tech will also undoubtedly play an important role when it comes to the best VR headset games, with concepts like the metaverse relying on ultra-realistic digital spaces.

It’s worth reiterating that developers need to go out of their way to implement VFX, with applications like Nvidia PhysX requiring specific coding. As a result, support for its inclusion in games is hit and miss, which is a shame when you consider its potential.

Nvidia PhysX 5.0 was announced back in 2019, but it’s yet to see a release thanks to the ongoing pandemic. When it actually arrives, its usage in new games will perhaps hold just as much importance as ray tracing, especially when it comes to environmental realism.

VFX packages might even help upcoming best graphics card contenders like the RTX 4090 and Radeon RX 7900 XT show off their abilities, especially since both options are said to pack record levels of performance. Regardless of which GPU you board the USG Ishimura with come launch day, just make sure your PC meets the Dead Space system requirements before you give yourself an unjust fright.