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New action RPG combines the best of Diablo and Vampire Survivors

If you're a fan of games like Diablo and Vampire Survivors, you'll love Death of a Wish, a new Steam RPG defined by a creepy artstyle.

Christian from Death of a Wish

In the wake of Steam Next Fest and all of its exciting demos, one RPG we’ve been keeping a particularly close eye on is Death of a Wish, which looks to be a delightful blend of the best elements from Diablo and Vampire Survivors.

Death of a Wish places you in a striking 2D-animated world, but don’t be fooled by the beautifully unique visual style of this RPG game, because hidden among the Neo-Sanctum are a range of nightmare-inducing monsters and despicable people waiting to take you down.

Play as Christian, a young man looking to challenge the cult that raised him, as he embarks on a vicious and violent mission to overthrow the four Sanctum Faiths: Father, Sister, Cardinal, and Priest. Combining magical moves and intense strategizing, Death of a Wish asks a lot of its players, but the rewards are devilishly good.

Gameplay screenshot from Death of a Wish

It’s a game that follows a similar suit to the likes of Diablo and Vampire Survivors in pushing its users to grapple with an unsettling narrative, formidable foes, and a gloomy tone that puts Death of a Wish on the edge of horror game territory, which is only heightened by the immersive nature of the single player format. If you like your games full of surrealism and a brooding atmosphere, you’ve just found your next obsession, we’re sure.

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Death of a Wish is out now on Steam, and you can pick it up for 10% off as part of an introductory offer, bringing it down to $17.99 / £16.12 until Thursday, March 21.

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