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You can import Death Stranding saves into the Director’s Cut

The Death Stranding Director's Cut is available as an upgrade to the original game, but you'll have to follow these steps if you want to use your old save files

Sam Bridges fires a bazooka at a group of soldiers, and the explosion blasts one forward in Death Stranding Director's Cut.

The Death Stranding Director’s Cut has arrived, and if you’ve played the original edition, you may have been tempted by the low price tag on the Director’s Cut upgrade. However, since the Director’s Cut shows up in your library as a separate game, you might think you’ve got to start Sam’s journey all over again. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Here’s how to export your old save files from Death Stranding and use them in the Director’s Cut.

To export your save, you’ll need to launch the original Death Stranding and load the file you want to move over to the new Director’s Cut edition. Once you’re in, head to any delivery terminal, which you’ll find located in all the facilities scattered around the open-world game. Open your cuff links, and select system, and then select “export save data.”

You’ll save a new copy of your file to your PC’s local storage. At this point, you can launch Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and select “Load game (Death Stranding save data)” on the title screen.

Once you load that game in the Director’s Cut, it’ll create a new save file that will track your progress in the new version.

The developers add a couple notes of caution: you’ll need a working internet connection to export the data, and you’ll also have to finish any ongoing orders for Sam. Finally, you’ll also need to be using the same Steam account for both games – you won’t be able to export data from one Steam account and use it on another one.

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