Deathloop delivery booth code location

How to open delivery booths and import items across different areas

Wondering what the delivery booth code is in Deathloop? The bad news is that, like all codes in Deathloop, giving you the specific code that we have found won’t work. This is because all codes are unique to your save file. However, the methods for finding these codes remain the same, so we can do the next best thing: tell you how to get the delivery booth code in Deathloop.

There are four delivery booths in Deathloop, each one close to the safe zone where Colt emerges from to begin the mission for that part of the day. Each one takes the same four-number combination found in Fristad Rock, and you can use them to order one item into one area, such as batteries, crank-wheels, nullifiers, and turrets. These items appear in delivery booths during another part of the day. Although it can take a long time to get everything together for your successful day, you can find out roughly how long Deathloop is in our guide, so bringing items like the nullifier may help with those pesky visionaries and Julianna.

If you want to save some time searching for this elusive code, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s where to find the Deathloop delivery booth code, as well as all four of the delivery booth locations, so you can begin importing valuable items to any one of the four areas.

Deathloop delivery booth code location

The Deathloop delivery booth code is in Fristad Rock only at noon. To find it, first head for the transmission post at the top of Fristad Rock, being careful not to trigger the mines along the way. Once you reach the transmission post, walk past it and go down the hill on the other side towards the coast. You’ll see an entrance to a base to your right guarded by a turret.

The location of the Deathloop delivery booth code is circled. This code is written on a whiteboard.

Once through, head for the window with the green graffiti above it on your right. Look through this window and read the code on the wall next to the plans.

Deathloop delivery booth locations

Once you have the code, enter it into any of the four delivery booths to open it. You only need to enter the code once before an auto-fill option appears. Here are all four locations for the Deathloop delivery booths:

  • The Complex – in the parking lot region close to the exit tunnels
  • Updaam – in front of the library across from the main square
  • Karl’s Bay – next to the Gardens of Perception to the west of the starting area
  • Fristad Rock – by the Expand Your Mind trailer close to the start of the level

With this code and these delivery booths now accessible, you can import items to help you open up new areas or get turrets or nullifiers to aid you in challenging situations. If you want to optimise your game, check out our Deathloop PC settings guide. We also have directions on how to get the Deathloop safe codes.