Deathloop update adds cross-play and loads of new content

Goldenloop, the latest Deathloop update, arrives with the launch of the FPS game on Game Pass, and adds a new weapon, new abilities, and a whole new ending

Deathloop update: A male figure wearing an explosive vest decorated in neon sprints toward the player, who is holding twin pistols

Deathloop is out today on PC Game Pass, which means now’s a terrific time to check out the latest Deathloop update, even if you’ve never played our favourite game of 2021. The ‘Goldenloop’ update that arrives alongside Deathloop’s Game Pass debut adds a whole bunch of new content to the FPS game, including a new weapon, a new enemy type, new abilities and trinkets, new secrets, and a whole new ending.

The Goldenloop update opens up cross-play across all platforms, so you can go head-to-head with players on PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic, or Windows Store versions of the game if you so choose. You can also restrict your cross-play options to only match you with players on the same platform, or players using the same type of controller as you are.

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There’s a new weapon called the HALPS Prototype to find. This is a powerful laser weapon that fires a continuous beam that you can bounce off turrets and security cameras. You’ll have to keep an eye out, though, because a new enemy called the Paint Bomber will sprint directly at you when they see you and detonate their bandolier of paint-filled explosives.

There’s a new ability to find, too. This is called Fugue, and you can think of it as a ‘confuse’ spell. Enemies afflicted by Fugue will be rendered slightly drunk (and therefore, harmless) until the effects wear off. You can extend these by finding additional copies of the ability slab and upgrading it.

Julianna’s Masquerade ability now has upgrades, while we’re on that topic. ‘Ensemble’ allows her to target up to three NPCs with the ability, ‘Mend’ causes her to regenerate health while the ability is active on an NPC, ‘Expose’ tags Colt whenever an NPC targeted by Masquerade either sees him or dies, and ‘Incognito’ converts damage taken while using Masquerade into energy.

Goldenloop also adds 19 new trinkets to mix and match, and all of these combine abilities from two that already exist in Deathloop. So, for instance, ‘Wrecking Ball’ takes the faster movement of ‘Sprinter’ and combines it with the ‘Unstoppable Force’ trinket that damages enemies when you sprint into them.

Finally, developer Arkane Lyon says there are new secrets to find in Deathloop now, and those include a new “extended” ending. You can read the complete Deathloop patch notes on the official site. Check out our Deathloop review to find out why we gave it a rare perfect 10.