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This Dell XPS laptop might be a dark horse for gaming on the go

We get a glimpse of the XPS 13 and all-new 14 and 16-inch XPS Dell laptops looking to meet the demands of modern gaming ahead of CES 2024.

New Dell XPS laptops

Dell’s XPS lineup of laptops is quite synonymous with being a reliable workhorse, but not much else. Well, 2024 looks the change this perception as the new Dell XPS lineup has been revealed just in time for CES.

We’ll be heading to CES 2024 in Las Vegas to take a close look at all the exciting new tech that’s on the horizon, and Dell’s new XPS lineup is a sign of things to come.

Adopting the new Intel Meteor Lake CPUs, a reworked Dell XPS 13 will be joined by a new 14 and 16-inch model. In arguably the biggest move for Dell, each of these XPS laptops is going ultra-modern in design.

New Dell XPS 14

Our pick of the lineup is the Dell XPS 14, primarily being angled as the gaming and productivity laptop of the bunch. While not included as standard, the new Dell XPS 14 will have the option for a dedicated GPU up to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050, while still being lightweight. The new XPS 16 can move up to the RTX 4070 but some of its portability is lost in its heavier weight and larger frame. Could it be one of the best gaming laptops? Only time will tell.

You can also choose between a FHD+ non-touch panel, or go all out for a 3.2K OLED touch display. But it’s not just the displays that have quality, the webcam too has been kicked up to 1080p, meaning you can stop hiding from important meetings because of your grainy image quality.

For AI enthusiasts, each of the new Dell XPS laptops will feature a dedicated Copilot key, allowing you to benefit from Windows 11’s new AI tech quite literally at the press of a button. Speaking of buttons, a glass touchpad runs across the top of the keypad and contains all of your media and functions keys, with the ability to switch between which ones are displayed while offering haptic feedback so you know when a key has been activated.

A final touch of design quality across the new Dell XPS lineup is the hidden touchpads. While I can’t personally speak to being sick of looking at touchpads, trackpads, or mouse keys on a laptop, I have to admit how good the new XPS lineup looks without them.