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Undertale’s Toby Fox gives a tantalizing Deltarune update

In a Hallowen update, Toby Fox has confirmed that the third chapter of Undertale follow-up Deltarune is nearly done with the next starting.

Several of Deltarune's characters standing in front of a castle.

Deltarune, the episodic follow-up to the hugely popular Undertale, has been in the works for quite some time. Chapters one and two have been released for free and now creator Toby Fox has confirmed the third chapter is all but done. Just don’t count on playing it yet.

While it’s not technically a sequel to Undertale, the first two chapters of this RPG game are nearly as wholesome. And now, two years after Deltarune Chapter 2 was released the third chapter is nearly done. That’s the good news.

“Chapter 3 is pretty much content complete! There will be essentially no more changes to dialogue or gameplay from here”, Fox remarks in his Halloween newsletter update.

However, Fox also reveals that he’ll be holding off on releasing any additional chapters until the fourth chapter is complete. When that chapter is ready he’ll release the two, both of which are paid content, together.

If this were any other game, you’d hear the cries of anguish across the internet. There’s certainly no shortage of fans waving their wallets in Fox’s direction, ready for their next fantasy game fix.

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But Undertale and Deltarune fans seem to be a little more chilled than your average fandom, possibly due to the game’s nature. It’ll give them plenty more time to churn out more memes and go through the ‘Raziel is secretly evil’ theory.

While Undertale was largely a solo effort, Fox now has a small development team, who he interviews for the Halloween newsletter. It’s well worth a read and features some fascinating insights into how Deltarune has been coming along,

For example, while Deltarune has many of the trappings of an RPG (including a wonderfully odd setting), and its battles are basically micro bullet-hell shooters. Undertale’s final bad route battle was the bane of many a YouTuber.

So, one of the problems the team had was getting these bullet-hell battles just right.

“I specifically remember trying to balance Spamton Neo’s Pipis attack forever. I would send videos to Toby for feedback only to have to tweak it over and over again,” explains developer Jean.

You can read the rest of the interview here and get Deltarune’s first two chapters free on Steam.

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