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Destiny 2’s Armsweek will be your only shot at certain Exotic Masterworks

Destiny 2 PvP weapons

Destiny 2 is due for a pretty important update this month, as Solstice of Heroes is set to kick off July 17th with Update 1.2.3. With it comes new Prestige versions of Raid Lairs, and some much-needed adjustments to Crucible. Destiny 2 will also be getting a new event called Armsweek, which some database-scouring redditors have unearthed new details about.

Armsweek seems to be a carryover from the original Destiny’s Arms Day, during which the Armsmith would allow players to order specific weapons. This new incarnation, described as “the celebration of deadly craftsmanship” in Destiny 2’s database, is adding a bunch more to do, and it seems that there are several Exotic catalysts tied to Armsweek activities.

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Redditor u/aussie_halo has compiled a spreadsheet of Exotic catalysts, and they’ve added the five tied to the Armsweek event. Fighting Lion, Hard Light, The Prospector, Rat King, and SUROS Regime all have catalysts tied to kill counts during the Armsweek event.

Catalysts for Legend of Acrius, Telesto, and Sleeper Simulant are all found by completing the new Prestige Raid Lairs, according to the database.

Certain Exotic weapons are tied to Armsweek Nightfall strikes. The Prospector, Hard Light, Rat King, and SUROS Regime all fall into this category. Interestingly, these Nightfalls won’t feature the mutators normally added to missions like this, and during Armsweek, you’ll use a specific weapon loadout from Lord Shaxx to complete them.

There’s more information on the July 17th update in our coverage of the upcoming Prestige Raid Lairs, which will be handy if you’re working your way up to 400 power. Destiny 2’s next expansion, The Forsaken, comes out September 4th.