Destiny 2 free Bright Dust and new cosmetics celebrate Lunar New Year

Destiny 2 free Bright Dust daily rewards will celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, and Eververse will also offer holiday-inspired cosmetics for purchase

Destiny 2 free Bright Dust daily rewards are coming to the popular FPS game to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, according to a post on the official Destiny 2 YouTube page. Eververse will also offer several Year of the Rabbit-themed cosmetics purchasable with Silver, as well as additional Lunar New Year cosmetics from previous seasons that Guardians can purchase with their Bright Dust gifts.

The new cosmetics should be available starting with the January 17 weekly reset. However, it’s unclear whether the Bright Dust rewards will be available that day or on the launch of the Lunar New Year, which begins on January 22. Destiny 2’s YouTube page (briefly) shared a post referencing the Lunar New Year event, though this may have appeared prematurely as it mentions “Red Envelopes of Bright Dust” that have yet to be available in the game.

The post suggests players can log in daily to pick up a series of digital red envelopes, referencing a Chinese tradition of good luck and prosperity in the Lunar New Year. These envelopes traditionally contain money, which people exchange with family and friends as well-wishes toward one another. Legends suggest the Chinese New Year traditions stem from a fight against the Nian, a beast that would appear during the Lunar New Year to eat people and livestock. People displayed red paper and bamboo, lit candles, and wore red clothing to frighten the monster away.

Because the festival lasts 15 days, players can anticipate as many as 15 envelopes containing Bright Dust. However, whether Bungie will offer these rewards throughout the entire real-world celebration is unclear.

Event-related rewards you can buy with Bright Dust include a lamp-shaped Ghost shell, several event-themed emotes, a ship, and a Sparrow. Items available to purchase with Silver include a rabbit-shaped red-and-gold Ghost shell, a special Sparrow with a rabbit emblem affixed to the front, a ship adorned with Lunar New Year detailing, and a Riskrunner ornament with red and gold detailing. The event will also grant players a Lunar New Year emblem, though there’s no word on whether that will be available as a free reward.

Bright Dust is Destiny 2’s in-game currency, which players can typically acquire for free as rewards for completing bounties or Triumphs or as bonus additions to paid content packages such as the season pass. On the other hand, Silver requires real-world money to purchase.

Bungie has yet to share how much Bright Dust each envelope will contain. However, when Bungie released its 30th Anniversary package, all players could access 700 free Bright Dust each week for several weeks. The event-based Bright Dust rewards vary in price, costing up to 3250 Bright Dust for the Origami Crane exotic emote.

The Lunar New Year bundle containing the rabbit Ghost shell, ship, and Sparrow is projected to cost 2200 Silver, according to Today in Destiny. Players who already own items in the bundle will see the cost of the bundle reduced accordingly. Separately, the ship and Sparrow are 800 Silver, and the shell is 600.

Although this event appears to be limited to cosmetics, it’s another way Bungie is finding ways to keep players invested in its popular free PC game through activities, events, and rewards in advance of the highly-anticipated Destiny 2 Lightfall release date. As that date draws nearer, players are looking to gear up and get ready for what’s to come by completing the Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest and catching up on the forthcoming Destiny 2 Strand subclass, as Bungie recently offered some updates on its Strand Warlock and Titan subclasses.