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Bright Dust hoarders can get a fan-favourite Destiny 2 emote this week

A Destiny 2 emote popular with fans is available for Bright Dust, making it free for players to 'touch grass' if they have enough of the currency.

Bright Dust hoarders can get a fan-favourite Destiny 2 emote this week: A Guardian touches grass with the Touch Grass Exotic emote.

A Destiny 2 emote largely considered a fan favourite is available for Bright Dust this week, meaning Guardians who have been hoarding their Bright Dust won’t need to spend a dime to get it. Players who haven’t touched grass lately because they’ve been grinding too damn much can now use their spoils to ‘touch grass’ virtually with the Touch Grass Exotic emote in Bungie’s popular FPS game.

The Touch Grass emote debuted with Lightfall, but at the time cost 1000 Silver, which amounts to about $10 or £8 sans discounts for purchasing in bulk. However, through the next weekly reset, players who have been saving their Bright Dust can now spend their earnings on the popular emote. It’ll cost 3250 Bright Dust and is available at the Eververse Store.

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The emote’s significance stems from the idea that people who grind video games don’t go outside very often. It can be considered an insult to tell someone to go “touch grass,” as the insinuation is that the player hasn’t done anything but play video games for a lengthy amount of time.

However, the emote is also likely inspired at least in part by memes from the Destiny 2 community that began to emerge after a meta event in which Savathun, The Witch Queen, overtook the primary Destiny 2 Twitter account to promote the expansion of the same name. In an exchange, journalist Paul Tassi sent a virtual diss to the account, to which the account replied, in character, “Mm, it’s so good to stand and stretch. Run my fingers through the grass. You should give it a try!”

Bright Dust hoarders can get a fan-favourite Destiny 2 emote this week: An image of a text exchange in which Savathun alludes to Paul Tassi that he should 'touch grass.'

The Exotic emote features a Guardian sitting on the ground and touching virtual, bright green grass. It is a simple and epic way to joke with a Guardian Rank 11 teammate or taunt an enemy in an activity like Gambit. Players who want the emote but are short on Bright Dust can earn it from bounties, some challenges, and season pass rewards.

If you haven’t touched grass in the real world because you’ve been tied up with Destiny 2 season 20, be sure to check out all the Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics you can get to make sure you’ve completed all the relevant quests in time for the multiplayer game’s upcoming season 21, titled Season of the Deep.