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A Destiny 2 Exotic weapon contains a hidden musical secret

A Destiny 2 Exotic weapon contains a hidden secret, a Bungie developer recently shared, noting that it plays a recognizable motif in one of every ten shots

A Destiny 2 Exotic weapon contains a hidden secret: An image of the Ruinous Effigy, an Exotic trace rifle.

A Destiny 2 Exotic weapon contains a hidden secret wherein each shot has a one-in-ten chance of playing a widely-known motif from the popular FPS game, Bungie developer Juan Pablo Uribe shared via Twitter on November 18.

“My parting Destiny gift to you all: There’s a 1 in 10 chance when firing a sustained beam of Ruinous Effigy that you’ll get a very subtle extra layer of a particular musical motif from a certain destiny release that the music team gifted me with,” the tweet from Uribe, whose Twitter profile lists them as a senior sound developer at Bungie, reads. “You’ll know it when you hear it.”

Ruinous Effigy, an Exotic trace rifle, debuted with the game’s Shadowkeep expansion in 2020 with an associated quest line but is now available only as a purchase from the Monument to Lost Lights.

YouTuber Luckyy 10p confirmed Uribe’s statement. In a video, the content creator plays a memorable, eerie-sounding motif, which is from Beyond Light, then begins to shoot the weapon to trigger the sound. On only the second continuous shot, viewers can hear it faintly incorporated into the weapon’s firing sound design.

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It’s unclear whether the motif had been part of the weapon since its inception or Uribe secretly added it within a subsequent game update. However, it’s possible that even though the gun appeared in the game during Shadowkeep, which came out a year before the game’s Beyond Light expansion, the Bungie team had already had the music from Beyond Light in development. Therefore, the developer could have included the sound in Ruinous Effigy even though the weapon appeared in the game before Beyond Light’s launch.

Uribe’s “parting Destiny gift” statement appears to be related to the presumed ‘death’ of Twitter or a possible mass exodus from the platform. The developer seems to have taken an interest in the emerging social platform Hive over the past few days.

The developer revealed the hidden secret only days after a recent Destiny 2 Telesto event resulted in confusion among players, sparking dialogue about the community’s desire for secrets in the game world.

Luckily, for players who enjoy secrets and mysteries, there’s plenty of Destiny 2 content to look forward to in the coming weeks. Be sure to check out our guides to forthcoming content, such as our guide covering the Destiny 2 season 19 start date and more, our Destiny 2 Lightfall guide, and everything we know about the forthcoming Destiny 2 Strand subclass set to launch with Lightfall.