Destiny 2 will stop vaulting expansions

Bungie says it will not 'vault' Destiny 2 expansions any more, since it wants the game to grow - and all the expansions are free to play for a week

Destiny 2 expansions: A Guardian fires a launcher while leaping amid some futuristic, shimmering buildings

Destiny 2 expansions will no longer be placed in the ‘content vault’ and removed from the live game, Bungie says. In the Destiny 2 Lightfall showcase, the developer says it wants the MMO game to grow, and for players to be able to experience the Destiny 2 story “from beginning to end.”

Bungie began cycling content out of the Destiny 2 live game with the launch of Beyond Light in 2020. At the time, the developers said the game was growing unwieldy, with some older areas seeing less player activity, and the sheer amount of stuff being confusing to new players. When Beyond Light launched, the Io, Titan, Mercury, Mars, and Leviathan patrol zones were all ‘vaulted,’ and were no longer accessible.

That was followed by the removal of the Forsaken expansion, including the Tangled Shore patrol zone, in late 2021, prior to the launch of The Witch Queen.

Now Bungie is changing course.

“We are not planning to sunset any more expansions,” Destiny 2 general manager Justin Truman said during the Lightfall showcase. “We want the Destiny universe to grow, and we’re going to continue to do everything we can behind the scenes to keep that possible within our game engine.”

For the coming week, all Destiny 2 expansions are free to play on all platforms – and that includes the Epic Games Store, which Destiny 2 launched on today. Bungie says this is the best day all year to jump into Destiny 2 for the first time, and with that much content available, it’s hard to argue.