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Destiny meets Nuclear Throne in this fan game, Destiny Zero

Find exotics and run a strike in this adorable tribute.

The next big Destiny event is the launch of Shadowkeep this week, which will take Destiny 2 players back to the Moon patrol zone featured in Destiny prime. That’s going to mean a full day of downtime Monday as Bungie applies the massive update, so what’s a Guardian to do with all that time? Well, you could always play Destiny Zero, a top-down twin-stick fan tribute to the original Destiny, made in the style of Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne.

You can pick between running a Vanguard strike or hitting the Crucible in Destiny Zero, and in both cases you’ll be dashing around colorful locations like Freehold and The Gulch, searching for weapons and upgrades while fighting off enemies.

Crucible is a bit dicey, since everyone is out to get you and you alone, but Destiny Zero is a charming piece of fandom, both of the Destiny universe and Nuclear Throne. There are tons of fantastic little details, from the weapon names to the quotes your friendly Ghost pipes in with every now and again.

It’s a fitting tribute too, given that Vlambeer developer Rami Ismail is a huge Destiny fan himself.

Destiny Zero was created by Polish developer @gddgames, who originally envisioned the game as a 2D platformer. He’d created art assets for that game and had built a version of the Devil’s Lair strike from the first Destiny, and hopes to add something similar into the current version of the game.

For now, you can find it over at his itch.io page.