Destiny 2’s upcoming Festival of the Lost armour has been datamined

Each one of Destiny 2's classes is getting a spooky costume to dress up in

It looks like some of the content from Destiny 2‘s upcoming Festival of the Lost event has been uncovered. Reliable dataminer Ginsor shared a few photos (below) of the new armour alongside a new ghost shell, Halloween mask, and what appears to be emotes.

Each one of Destiny 2’s classes appears to have a different set of gear that’s themed around a Halloween costume on the way. The hunter is getting some furry werewolf themed kit, the warlock gets to be a vampire, and, frankly, I’m not sure what’s going on with the titan – I think they’re Frankenstein? It’s not clear if this will be armour you can earn through quests, or if they’re ornaments that you’ll have to purchase from Eververse.

There will be other cosmetics, too, such as a ghost shell with a wizard hat – d’awh – and a couple of emotes alongside a mask of the Exo Stranger. As per the Destiny 2 update roadmap, the Festival of the Lost is set to kick off October 6, so we’ll find out more then.

I had a look through, but I didn’t stumble across any of the datamined items as of writing. That said, Ginsor has previously datamined the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun before the quest launched, alongside information on the Solstice of Heroes event for this year. So the datamine is probably solid.

The Destiny 2 Beyond Light release date hasn’t hit just yet, so it’s an excellent time to hunt down any Destiny 2 Exotics you haven’t got yet.