Destiny 2 Lightfall adds a grappling hook made of dark energy

Destiny 2 Lightfall introduces a new dark energy type called strand, which allows Guardians to summon a grappling hook literally anywhere

Destiny 2 Lightfall Strand subclass: Three Destiny 2 guardians show off the green Strand energy of their new subclass abilities

During the Destiny 2 Lightfall showcase, Bungie revealed a new energy type. It’s a green-hued dark energy called Strand, and it allows Guardians to summon a grappling hook from the cosmic fibres that underpin reality. That’ll be handy while exploring the new patrol zone on Neptune, a pristine, futuristic city that serves as the focal point for the Lightfall campaign.

Strand energy is another dark energy type like Stasis, which was introduced with Beyond Light in 2020. Strand will be a new subclass, providing Guardians with another new set of abilities to master and wield on the battlefield.

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It’ll also add Destiny 2’s first grappling hook. Bungie’s developers explained that using Strand is a bit like being able to see The Matrix – it’s tapping into the very fabric of the universe. That means that you can use the grappling hook anywhere – it’ll attach to any surface, and it’ll even work when there isn’t a surface to attach it to. You can just send out a Strand grappling hook and swing from an anchor point located in mid-air.

The Destiny 2 Lightfall showcase revealed a lot about what’s in store for the MMO game, including the Lightfall release date, which is scheduled for early 2023.