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How to turn off Destiny 2 3D audio

If you're having trouble with no sound in Destiny 2 on PC, here are the steps on how to fix it if you're using spatial audio in Windows.

Destiny 2 no sound in The Final Shape

How do you turn off 3D sound in Destiny 2? If you don’t have any sound now you’ve booted up The Final Shape in Destiny 2, it might be because you have spatial audio switched on. This known day one error can be easily fixed by turning off spatial audio, here’s how.

The Final Shape release date is finally here in Destiny 2, and maybe you’re getting stuck into the new Destiny 2 Prismatic subclass and using the new The Final Shape exotics, but if your enjoyment is short lived due to audio issues, fortunately there’s an easy fix for Destiny 2 no sound.

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How to turn off Destiny 2 spatial audio

If you have no audio in Destiny 2, it’s likely because spatial audio is turned on. While spatial audio makes for a more immersive experience, it’s currently causing issues for PC players, so here’s how to fix it on Windows:

  1. Click ‘start’ and go to ‘settings’
  2. Go to system and click ‘sound’
  3. Click on the device you’re using, e.g. headphones under output
  4. Select ‘off’ under Spatial Sound

That should fix the no sound issues you’re having in Destiny 2, but if you’re having other issues, check out our guide on all the Destiny 2 error codes, and the Destiny 2 server status to check whether the game is down.