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All Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragment locations

To fully utilize the power of Destiny 2's new Prismatic subclass, you'll need to locate and unlock all of the fragments and aspects first.

Destiny 2 Prismatic fragment locations: a guardian wields prismatic with a pink hue

How do you fully unlock Prismatic in Destiny 2? The Final Shape launches with a basic Prismatic build for you to use, with more Aspects, Fragments, and grenades unlocking as you progress through the campaign. By the time you’ve finished the final encounter though, there are still some elements of Prismatic that remain locked. We’ve scoured the Pale Heart to find all of the remaining locations so you can fully unlock the subclass ahead of the World’s First raid race this weekend.

We’ve already put together some of the best Prismatic builds for Destiny 2, and you’ll need to track down some missing fragments before you can equip them. Some are hidden behind puzzles while some are just in sneaky little corners of the intricate new patrol zone. Who knows, you might even find some of the new The Final Shape Exotics along the way.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragment locations

We’ll tell you where to find all of the Prismatic Fragments in the Pale Heart, but we’re also going to dive into the Aspects, grenades, and other elements that make up the Destiny 2 Prismatic subclass. We’ll split them into individual headers so that if you’ve unlocked some but not all of them, it’s easier to skip to the area you need. All of the Prismatic fragments and their locations in the Pale Heart are:

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Facet of Bravery location

For the Facet of Bravery you’ll need to be within The Ascent story mission. Head up the mountain a very short way until you find the hull of a crashed plane. Jump down the cliff to the right-hand side of the plane and you’ll find a chest within a small contained area. The Facet of Bravery is inside the chest.

Destiny 2 facet of command location

Facet of Command location

Land at the Impasse landing zone in the Pale Heart. Turn around 180 degrees, head back across the bridge and go through the door. Follow the path as far back as you can, until you reach a block of ice crystals that cannot be damaged – take note of this as this will be important when it comes to unlocking other Fragments. Keep heading straight forward until you’re faced with a decision to go right or left. Take the left and continue forward. You’ll enter a larger room with a Shrieker, a Hive Knight, and some other small enemies. You’ll also notice a chest that states you need a Divided Prismatic Key.

How do you get the Divided Prismatic Key? Face the chest head on and then turn to the right,  walk forward until you see a wall on your right-hand side with some holes in. Jump through one of the holes, and you’ll find a Scorch Cannon Transmat interface. Grab a Scorch Cannon and use it to shatter the ice crystals in the room. When they shatter, an elemental orb or charge will spawn. Shatter the other ice crystals in the room with the Scorch Cannon and you’ll notice two Fallen deposit structures. You’ll need to go and collect some various elemental charges for the next step.

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Climb out of the room you jumped into and shoot the the ice crystals immediately in front of you to retrieve a Void charge. Turn left and head back past the Prismatic Chest across the bridge until you see some platforms. Follow the platforms until you find more ice crystals and shatter them with the Scorch Cannon until another Void charge spawns. Following the bridge further, straight across and through the doorway ahead, take a left and in an ingress on the left-hand side more ice crystals hide a Solar charge.

Jumping out of the hidden room and going to the right this time, there’s a pile of ice crystals beneath a hanging ship. Shoot that with the Scorch Cannon to get another Arc charge. Continue along that path to the right until you find a large open room divided by an icy side and a normal side. Head through the ice side to the left and shoot the ice crystals in the small room for a Solar charge. For the final elemental charge head back to the ice crystals you passed on the way in, and shoot them to grab another Arc charge.

There’s a meter on the side of each of the Fallen deposit structures. You need to use the elemental charges to fill up the meters perfectly – not too low, and not too high. The elemental type of the charge determines how much the meter will be filled up. Each meter requires 10 charges to fill it. Arc charges will fill it up by two, Solar by three, and Void by four. We chose to put one Arc charge and two Void charges in the right-hand side bank, and the remainder in the left.

A message will pop up saying that you will drown in the deep (remember Vow of the Disciple? Ah the throwbacks.) Enemies will spawn, so clear the room and you will receive the Divided Prismatic Key which will open the chest to grant you the Facet of Command. It’s definitely one of the more long-winded Fragments to unlock, but worth the hard work.

Destiny 2 Facet of Defiance fragment location chest

Facet of Defiance location

You’ll want to land at the Impasse landing zone in the Pale Heart to find the Facet of Defiance Fragment, with the intention of heading towards the Transgression area. To get there, head immediately backwards from the spawn point until you see a large rectangular building with a narrow door in the front of it. Go through the door and follow the path until you reach the wide area. Stay to the left-hand side until you find a cave. You’ll eventually see a statue of someone on a spike. Head to the left of it, and you’ll find a Darkness node. Shoot that to get the Shielded from Darkness buff which will allow you to pass through a barrier into a cave.

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Follow the path through the cave, refreshing your Shielded from Darkness buff as you go. At the back of the cave is a Prismatic Chest which requires a Transgressive Prismatic Key. To get that key, activate the nearby node which spawns shielded enemies called Soul of Suffering, and Eyes of Suffering. Shoot the Eyes of Suffering to remove the shield from the Souls, and then defeat them. Remember to keep your Shielded from Darkness buff up or the air around you will poison you.

When all of the enemies have been defeated a new node will spawn. Activate that and Eyes of Fear will spawn. These don’t have shields, so you can just take them out straight away. Fight through the waves of enemies until a Tormentor spawns. He will drop the Transgressive Prismatic Key upon defeat which you can use to open the nearby chest to get the Facet of Defiance.

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Facet of Devotion location

For the Facet of Devotion Fragment you’ll need to be in the Dissent story mission. After defeating the boss in the center of the room the platforms will begin to disappear. You’ll need to run towards the navigation marker until it signals for you to turn right. Head left instead, and you’ll find a chest with the Facet of Devotion in it behind a pillar. You can then progress through the mission as planned.

Destiny 2 Facet of Grace location: the chest in the Pale Heart

Facet of Grace location

Land at the Lost City in the Pale Heart and run past the two Cabal Centurions. Follow the path as far as you can, sticking to the right-hand side, and turning right in the large green open space. You’ll find a chest in a small side room to the left which requires an Elevated Prismatic Key. A Weaver will spawn in front of the chest. Defeat that and a message will appear in the bottom-left saying “First Omen Defeated.”

Double back on yourself and cross the series of platforms until you spot more enemies. Another Omen will be here, so defeat him to see the “Second Omen defeated.” Head back across the platforms until you find more flying Grim enemies. The third Omen is here, along with a yellow-bar enemy. When you see the “Third Omen is defeated” message a Tormentor will spawn in the center with a shield alongside two Transcendent Subjugators. Once they’re killed the Tormentor can be damaged, so take him down to get the Elevated Prismatic Key. Head back to the chest to collect the Facet of Grace. 

Destiny 2 facet of justice location

Facet of Justice location

Head to The Landing in the Pale Hart and stick to the left, heading forward quite some time. When you get to a large room with blue crystals, follow the opening to the right for the next chest that requires the Refracting Prismatic Key. There are three Hive symbols, memorize the order of them before jumping to the platform above it and picking up the Solar crystal. Do not jump back into the center as the crystal will despawn. At the same time as picking up the crystal, Hive runs will also spawn around the outside of the upper platform. This step is best achieved with a fireteam member stood on the floor in the center to tell you where the corresponding Hive runes are located, as the symbols only show on the front and not the back.

Destiny 2 facet of justice puzzle solution

Each rune has a plate to dunk the crystal. These are static, so if you don’t have a fireteam member or can’t get a good enough angle to spot where to dunk, you can go for the second on the right, third on the left, and final one on the right in that order. After all three have been deposited, a message will appear saying “It is here” and multiple enemies will spawn. Kill enough, and two Prismatic shielded minibosses will appear. Killing them will drop the Refracting Prismatic Key to open the chest in the center for the Facet of Justice.

Destiny 2 Facet of Mending chest location

Facet of Mending location

Land at the Lost City in the Pale Heart again, and run past the Cabal Centurions. Head to the very beginning of the map where you originally spawned in the campaign, which should pop up as “The Lost City, Outskirts” to find some wounded Ghost shells. Pull out your Ghost and it will look in their direction if you’re nearby.

Destiny 2 Facet of Mending Lost Ghost 1

Look up and to the left before heading out of the gate for the first one. It’s resting on the pink banner post. Jump up to investigate it by following the prompt on screen and a message will appear saying that “A lost Ghost has been found.”

Destiny 2 facet of mending lost ghost 2 location

Head forward again, past the Daito sign, and jump down on to the staircase. turn around the staircase and on the blue Daito storage box there’s another lost Ghost.

Destiny 2 Facet of Mending lost ghost 3 location

Keep jumping forward through the corridors, and as soon as you get outside turn 180 degrees and jump on the ledge above the door. The third Ghost is on a small ledge here.

Destiny 2 Facet of Mending lost ghost 4 location

The fourth Ghost can be found by heading forward through the green area. You’ll see the big yellow and orange circular structure, and if you jump up to a small ledge to scan the fourth one. This will trigger an event – a message appears saying “A Ghost’s memory cries out in pain.” Follow the path towards the objective markers ahead – these are the four lost Ghosts you have just collected. Stand on the plate in the middle and destroy the enemies that spawn. A shielded Subjugator will appear, kill enough enemies to lower his shield and then take him out. You’ll be granted the Overgrown Prismatic Key to open the chest and get the Facet of Mending.

Destiny 2 Facet of Sacrifice location

Facet of Sacrifice location

The Facet of Sacrifice requires you to be in the Iconoclasm campaign mission. Once you get to the big vista window and you’re looking at the entire map, turn around to see the sliced wardog. Turn left and you’ll see a light if you’re looking up. This is actually a hidden corridor that you can head into. Jump into the corridor and follow it along until you find the Prismatic chest. Open it for the Facet of Sacrifice.

Destiny 2 Facet of Solitude location

Facet of Solitude location

Around the Pale Heart, you might have noticed corrupted chests. Completing activities will clear the corruption and grant you with Memory Vestige: Darkness. Collecting five of those will automatically convert them into the legendary item Memory: Impassive Darkness which is a consumable. This item tells us to “Locate the source of the memory somewhere in the Impasse in the Pale Heart.”

Destiny 2 Facet of Solitude chest location

Head there and you’ll see a circled area on your map which is the vague location of the chest. Head through the area and stick roughly left, following a ledge all the way around. When you think that you can’t go any further, drop down and the chest will be there with the Facet of Solitude inside.

Destiny 2 Facet of Honor location

Facet of Honor location

Similarly to the Facet of Solitude, the Facet of Honor requires collecting some items and heading to a marked location on the map. This time, you’ll want to collect another five Memory Visage: Darkness items but they’ll turn into Memory: Divisive Darkness. You’ll need to head to The Divide in the Pale Heart which is most easily reached by fast travel to The Impasse and then heading back over the bridge and through the corridors.

Destiny 2 Facet of Honor fragment location

You’ll pass the area where you got the Facet of Command. Keep heading through the icy tunnels and all the way up the mountain. Once you’re at the area with the large structures in the middle and jump down to the right to find the chest with the Facet of Honor Fragment inside. 

Destiny 2 Facet of Dominance locations

Facet of Dominance location

For the final three Prismatic fragment locations, there are some post-campaign prerequisites that you’ll need to fulfil. Firstly, ensure you’ve completed the final boss fight in the campaign. Similarly to the Memory Vestige: Darkness fragments, you can also obtain Memory Vestige: Light fragments by progressing the Micah-10 quests until you unlock the cysts in the Pale Heart. Follow the Alone in the Dark quest to do this.

Destiny 2 Facet of Dominance map location

To unlock the gates shoot the matching symbols and you can progress forward in a linear fashion. The Memory Vestige: Light items will drop from random enemies throughout the cyst missions. When you get five, the first one will turn into Memory: Seclusions of Light legendary item. Just as before, an area will be marked on your map. For the Facet of Dominance, head to The Seclusion area near the waterfall at Zavala’s cabin. Jump all the way up and the chest is tucked behind a log just up the rocks.

Destiny 2 facet of awakening location

Facet of Awakening location

To find the Facet of Awakening Prismatic Fragment, repeat the steps within the cyst quests to turn your Memory Vestige: Light items into a Memory: Refractions of Light consumable. head to The Refraction by following a purple cave on the left-hand side of The Blooming until you reach the open crystal room with the Savathun statue. Follow it straight forward until you get outside and jump up some ledges to the left. You’ll see the chest on a tree branch reaching over. 

Destiny 2 Facet of Generosity chest location

Facet of Generosity location

The third Memory Vestige: Light method of obtaining a Facet of Generosity will turn them into the Memory: Blooming of Light. Head to The Blooming in the Pale Heart and find the large tree. At its roots you will find the chest containing the Facet of Generosity.

It’s important to note that the chests containing the facets of Solitude, Honor, Dominance, Generosity, and Awakening will not be visible to you unless you have got the corresponding legendary memory visage. That’s the thing obtained by collecting five of the blue common Light and Darkness Visages. They will automatically convert to the Legendary version once you have five of them. The three facets hidden in the campaign are the Guardian tenets of Bravery, Devotion, and Sacrifice.

That’s all of the fragment locations for Prismatic in The Final Shape. While you’re here, why not check out our lowdown on the Destiny 2 classes if you’re starting from the beginning and want to know what suits your playstyle best. We’ve also got the Destiny 2 system requirements, if you’re wanting to jump in but unsure if your setup can handle it.