All Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter Exotics so far

A haul of new Exotic gauntlets and a kinetic linear fusion rifle are among the highlights

destiny 2 season of the drifter exotics thorn

The latest major content for Bungie’s looter shooter is here, so we’re pooling together a list of all Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter Exotics so you know what shiny golden guns and armour are out there to grind for.

We already know three Season of the Drifter Pinnacle weapons, but the hunt to acquire all of the new Exotics will be the drive for many Destiny 2 players over the coming months, from dedicated quests to limited time events. On top of that, getting some of these weapons comes down to pure luck.

As such, players, dataminers, and streamers have been racing to discover as many of the new Destiny 2 Exotics as possible so they can experiment with their unique perks and further bolster their in-game arsenal.

Season of the Drifter is in full swing, and there is a total of five Season of the Drifter Exotics to show you, including a new kinetic linear fusion rifle, the long-awaited Thorn hand cannon, and three gauntlets with powerful perks – here’s the full list:

destiny 2 arbalest exotic

Season of the Drifter Exotic weapons


  • Weapon type: kinetic linear fusion rifle
  • Perk: Compounding Force – fires slugs that cause massive damage to elemental shields of enemy combatants.
  • Source: You can pick up the Arbalest Exotic in the current Revelry event. After that, the gun will likely be added to the loot table as that’s what Bungie did with the Thunderlord exotic.


  • Weapon type: hand cannon
  • Perk: Mark of the Devourer – rounds pierce targets and deal damage over time. Kills with this weapon leave behind Remnants.
  • Trait: Soul Devourer – absorbing a Remnant strengthen Mark of the Devourer and partially refills the magazine.
  • Source: You can pick up by following the Thorn quest steps.

destiny 2 season of the drifter exotics liars handshake

Season of the Drifter Exotic armour


  • Armour type: Titan gauntlets
  • Perk: Clenched Fist – guarding with swords increases movement speed and does not drain ammo. Shots blocked immediately after guarding will heal you.
  • Source: Random drop

Liars Handshake

  • Armour type: Hunter gauntlets
  • Perk: Cross Counter – using your arc melee ability or being hit by a melee attack will allow you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counterpunch that will heal you.
  • Source: Random drop

Getaway Artist

  • Armour type: Warlock gauntlets
  • Perk: Dynamic Duo – hold to convert your arc grenade into a supercharged arc soul. The arc soul functions as an autonomous turret.
  • Source: Random drop

There are sure to be more Exotics waiting to be discovered or added, but hopefully this has given you some new pieces of gear to set your sights on.