You can solo flawless Destiny 2’s latest raid – this player proved it

Destiny 2's latest raid, Root of Nightmares, is technically possible to solo flawlessly, as proven by a player who soloed the FPS game's planets encounter.

You can solo flawless Destiny 2's latest raid - this player proved it: A solo Guardian prepares to fight in the Root of Nightmares raid.

Destiny 2’s latest raid is technically possible to solo flawlessly, as one Guardian proved that a single person can complete the FPS game‘s Root of Nightmares Marcocosom encounter. Though an entire solo flawless run is yet to be completed, the fact that a player completed this epic undertaking demonstrates that the Destiny 2 raid’s mechanics itself would allow someone to solo the entire raid and could execute that endeavour flawlessly. In the game’s terms, they would do so without dying throughout the entire experience.


Macrocosm, better known as the ‘planets encounter,’ involves putting planets in specific sequences throughout the room to trigger DPS phases as players fight Zo’Aurc, Explicator of Planets. Typically, players must work together as a team to initiate callouts and share responsibility for where the planets need to go to trigger the damage phases. However, Twitch streamer and YouTuber NAPainter_ proved they didn’t need a full fireteam to pull off this feat and could do it on their own.

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Redditor Josht44 then pointed out that NAPainter_’s achievement means someone can solo flawless the entire raid. Granted that players have already shown it’s possible to solo the other encounters in the game, it also proves that some extraordinarily skilled and talented person could presumably solo all encounters in the raid without wiping, making a solo flawless raid execution technically possible.

While the gaming community repeatedly proves that it’s capable of seemingly-impossible feats, it would be quite a day to see someone defeat this six-player activity that generally requires teamwork and active coordination completely unassisted. And it would be even wilder to watch them do it without a single death, particularly in an experience with RNG components that can heavily impact the solo experience. Still, the most hardcore players come through when there’s a challenge at stake, so it will be interesting to see who attempts to be the first to complete such a difficult task.

You can solo flawless Destiny 2's latest raid - this player proved it: THe planetary backdrop of the Root of Nightmares raid experience.

If solo flawlessing an endgame activity isn’t quite your skill level, you and your fireteam can still check our Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares loot table and grind for rewards from completing the multiplayer game‘s newest high-level activity. Destiny 2 Nightfalls on Grandmaster difficulty also return today, too; perfect if you’re looking for a challenge that’s less intense than a solo flawless raid run.