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Destiny 2 sparrow speed won’t get faster anytime soon, dev confirms

A Destiny 2 sparrow speed bug has underlying issues that could impact the game as a whole, which is why the Bungie team can't easily apply it to other vehicles

Destiny 2 sparrow speed won't get faster anytime soon, dev confirms: An image of the Always on Time sparrow from Destiny 2.

A Destiny 2 sparrow speed bug that makes the vehicle faster than all others has deeper underlying development issues that render it impractical to apply to more sparrows, a Bungie community manager has confirmed.

Some time ago, players noted the Always on Time Exotic sparrow was faster than other sparrows in the game, which max out at 160 speed. Always on Time is also listed as 160, but due to the bug, it’s significantly faster than other sparrows in the space game.

YouTuber Sweatcicle tested Always on Time against another 160-speed sparrow and showed how it saves several seconds of commuting time.

This led to members of the Destiny 2 community questioning why Bungie couldn’t create more sparrows that operate at faster speeds. However, Bungie’s senior community manager Dylan ‘dmg04’ Gafner recently offered insight into why the the speed hasn’t become standard and why the development team hasn’t fixed the bug.

While beneficial to individual players, the bug causes the sparrow to move too quickly to allow the FPS game‘s public areas to populate with other Guardians properly. Guardians who use this sparrow may find public areas empty, making it difficult to find other players to complete group activities like public events.

The issue appears unique to the underlying code driving the exotic itself. dmg04 states that fixing the bug would effectively require removing the sparrow from the game and replacing it in players’ inventories. However, he insinuates that while the population issue could be a significant issue if widespread, it doesn’t currently impact most of the player base, which is why the team has chosen not to implement a fix.

“Team’s looked at data (community wide) to check impact. Lots of folks still use other sparrows, and the speed differential isn’t as big of a deal to most players,” he tweeted. However, he noted that he also understood people’s feelings about losing speed when using sparrows not impacted by the bug.

Unfortunately, that means speedier sparrows aren’t in the cards for Destiny 2 players anytime soon. However, dmg04 did note that the team would continue to pass along players feedback, meaning that perhaps an entire overhaul of sparrow travel mechanics may be in order somewhere down the line.

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