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What is the Veil in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

The Veil in Destiny 2 is one of the most mysterious but important aspects of the Lightfall story. We explain what it is, what it does, and why it mattters.

What is the Veil in Destiny 2: An up-closed image of The Witness in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

What is The Veil in Destiny 2? It’s a question that will occur to many Guardians when this mysterious object is mentioned, as it is by many characters, during Destiny 2 Lightfall’s campaign. It’s especially unusual because Bungie is usually pretty good at seeding the many Proper Nouns in Destiny’s notoriously oblique lore, and The Veil’s ubiquity is relatively sudden.

But worry not – in this guide we’ll lay out everything we currently know about The Veil in Destiny 2, what it is, why everyone seems to want it, and where it came from. Be warned there are some spoilers ahead for the free PC game‘s campaign, and that there’s plenty Bungie has yet to reveal.

What is The Veil in Destiny 2?

The Veil is a paracausal object, hidden somewhere on Neomuna, that was once used by The Witness to create a portal of both Light and Darkness. More specifically, it’s apparently hidden deep in an Ishtar Collective facility on Neomuna.

The Veil and Rasputin

Rasputin was the first one to tell us about The Veil, in a prerecorded message at the end of Season of the Seraph after he sacrificed himself to destroy the Warsats that Eramis had commandeered in her bid to destroy The Traveler.

Unfortunately, as Rasputin tells us in his prerecorded message, the precise location of the Veil and any insights into its powers were deleted by someone whose identity is unknown. This all tees up Lightfall nicely, as the campaign is essentially a race between the Guardians and The Witness to get to Neomuna and find The Veil first.

The Veil and The Traveler

Spoiler warning for the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign!

As revealed in the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign, The Veil is a majestic structure of Light cascading in the form of a tree. We’d previously learned from Savathun that The Traveler was not the only one of its type, and in Lightfall, our Ghost notes that The Veil feels similar to The Traveler. Somehow, the connection between The Veil and The Traveler allows The Witness to open a portal, though it’s unclear for now where it leads. There are theories that The Veil and the Traveler act as a key and a lock to one another, but the truth about their existence is muddled in the current Lightfall storyline.

Fortunately, Destiny 2 Season 20 looks set to give players further insight into the role of The Veil and its relationship with The Traveler as it unfolds. Check your progress through the new campaign with our Destiny 2 Lightfall mission list, as well as our Destiny 2 Strand subclass guide and Destiny 2 Lightfall exotics list to learn more about what you’ll encounter in the popular multiplayer game throughout this season.