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Destiny 2 Threadlings cheese is an infinite creepy-crawly nightmare

A Destiny 2 Threadlings cheese gives players endless creepy-crawlies, making for a hilarious meme Strand build in Bungie's FPS game.

Destiny 2 Threadlings cheese is an infinite creepy-crawly nightmare: A Guardian unleashes Strand powers in Lightfall.

A Destiny 2 Threadlings cheese is the stuff of nightmares, giving players access to dozens of Destiny 2 Strand-based creepy-crawlies at a time to defeat some of the game’s most challenging enemies. And here, we thought the Immortal was the scariest thing we could encounter in the FPS game!

Initially shared by the YouTube account Cheese Forever, players can trigger the arachnid spawnstorm by first equipping Threadling grenades. Players should also equip the Thread of Generation Fragment, which grants grenade energy upon damaging enemies, and the Thread of Evolution, which causes Threadlings to travel further and deal more damage. Cheese Forever also suggests adding Grenade Kickstart to your Gauntlets for even faster grenade regeneration.

Destiny 2 Threadlings cheese is an infinite creepy-crawly nightmare: A cluster of Threadlings.

Then, players should throw their Threadling grenades at ‘special items,’ which include environmental objects such as electric panel textures, dead bodies of Nezarec, Calus, and Tormenters, dead body parts of Servitors, Shanks, and Harpys, and more. Grenades that land on these objects multiply your Threadlings, not only spawning double the number of anthropods but also increasing the effectiveness of both Fragments.

If you’re buffed with Strand Empowered, the damage-regen cycle gives you limitless Threadlings. Cheese Forever notes that spawning too many Threadlings can boot players from their games, so be aware of this if you plan to try the cheese in any challenging activities.

The video below shows the player using infinite Theadlings to take down Calus in the Destiny 2 Lightfall final boss fight. In the comments, Cheese notes they are using the Eye of Another World Warlock Exotic helmet and have ensured a 100 Discipline stat to increase the grenade recharge rate even more.

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While the build may not be practical in most combat situations, particularly given that it can kick Guardians from the game, it’s still nothing short of hilarious to watch the final Lightfall boss fall victim to a Threadling brood.

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