Destiny 2: what is the Timelost weapon this week?

Learn what this week’s Timelost weapon is and how to get it

Three guardians kitted out with Destiny 2 timelost weapons and bronze armour.

Want to know what this week’s Destiny 2 Timelost weapon is? Much like the Destiny 2 Nightfall weapons, every week a new Timelost weapon becomes available. They’re essentially better versions of the basic Vault of Glass weapons, with an extra third and fourth perk slot, as well as a slot for Adept weapon mods.

To get a Timelost weapon, you will need to complete its particular challenge in the Vault of Glass on Master difficulty. You can check out our Destiny 2 Vault of Glass walkthrough for tips on how to beat it. Five encounters in the raid have a challenge associated with them, which is basically an extra condition to meet when completing the fight (for example, the ‘Wait For It’ challenge on Confluxes requires you to wait until the Wyverns have started sacrificing themselves before you kill them).

On normal difficulty, completing a challenge grants bonus loot, but on Master, this is how you get your Timelost weapon. Only one challenge is ‘active’ per week, and they rotate with the weekly update every Tuesday at 5pm UTC.

You only get one Timelost weapon drop for completing the challenge in the first place, but once a particular Timelost weapon has dropped for you you’ll then be able to buy new copies of it at the Spoils chest at the end of the raid, just like a normal Vault of Glass weapon – albeit new Timelost weapons have an inflated cost of 25 Spoils of Conquest. This is why farming for Spoils of Conquest is more important than ever – it’s a far more efficient way to chase the so-called ‘god roll’ on these precious guns than waiting for the next challenge rotation for that weapon.

What is the Destiny 2 Timelost weapon this week?

Dates Weapon Curated Perks Challenge
August 31 – September 7 Praedyth’s Revenge Feeding Frenzy
The Only Oracle For You
September 7 – September 14 Fatebringer Explosive Payload
Out of its Way
September 14 – September 21 Hezen Vengeance Overflow
Cluster Bomb
Strangers in Time
September 21 – September 28 Corrective Measure Dynamic Sway
Ensemble’s Refrain
September 28 – October 5 Vision of Confluence Zen Moment
Full Auto
Wait For It
October 5 – October 12 Praedyth’s Revenge Feeding Frenzy
The Only Oracle For You
October 12 – October 19 Fatebringer Explosive
Out of its Way

There is one more Timelost weapon that has been datamined, and that’s Found Verdict. You will be able to unlock the Found Verdict Timelost weapon when you complete the Maestro Glasser triumph, which asks you to finish all Vault of Glass challenges on Master. These are the curated perks for Found Verdict:

  • Found Verdict – Full Auto and Vorpal Weapon
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How do I complete this week’s Destiny 2 Timelost challenge?

Every week’s Timelost weapon has a corresponding challenge associated with it:

  • Strangers in Time (Gatekeepers): The team must defeat the Wyverns and the Praetorians at the same time
  • Ensemble’s Refrain (Atheon): Each Guardian in the portal team must shoot one Oracle each sequence
  • Wait for It (Confluxes): Guardians must defeat the Wyverns while they are sacrificing
  • The Only Oracle for You (Oracles): Guardians can’t shoot the same Oracle twice
  • Out of Its Way (Templar): Guardians must not allow the Templar to teleport

That is everything we know about what this week’s Destiny 2 Timelost weapon is. You may want to know where Xûr is this week in Destiny 2 or what is today’s Destiny 2 legendary lost sector. You can also check out this week’s Destiny 2 trials rewards, and how to start the Destiny 2 Expunge Labyrinth if you haven’t done so already.

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