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Destiny 2 Titan exploit for instant shoulder charges is seriously OP

A Destiny 2 Titan exploit gives the character instant shoulder charges, granting players who use it a serious advantage in Bungie's popular FPS game.

Destiny 2 Titan exploit for instant shoulder charges is seriously OP: A Solar Titan wields their power.

A Destiny 2 Titan exploit gives players instant shoulder charges without running, allowing Guardians to move quickly across areas and do serious damage when used with the right builds in the FPS game. YouTuber InSaNeGaMeR300 posted a video of the exploit titled ‘Instant Shoulder Charge Without Running’ that claims they discovered it while testing the Titan Burning Maul Super ability.

“You can constantly spam shoulder charge without any run up. To do this you need to be on Burning Maul and the Hammer Strike melee. Next, while mid slide activate your super and that’s it,” the video’s description says. “Now you can spam shoulder charge and even fly with Lion Rampants and catapult jump. With Insurmountable Skullfort and the Arc shoulder charge you have unlimited melees and crazy movement with the thruster ability.”

Destiny 2 Titan exploit for instant shoulder charges is seriously OP: A Titan character stands tall in the backdrop of the skies of Neomuna.

The clip, seen below, demonstrates the power of the glitch by showing the player’s Titan character using the Arc subclass and shoulder crashing into numerous enemies in succession.

Text descriptions in the video give a step-by-step overview of how to perform the exploit. The player must set it up by equipping the Burning Maul Solar Super ability with the Hammer Strike melee. The description then says to slide but activate the character’s Super ability mid-slide. Once the Super expires, the Titan appears to have shoulder charges that instantly regenerate.

“The glitched state applies to Solar, Arc, and Void Shoulder Charges, As well as Ballistic slam,” additional text on the video says. It also notes that sliding will deactivate the glitch.

While the exploit is interesting, players are advised not to use it, particularly in competitive PvP activities such as Destiny 2 Iron Banner. Abusing exploits to gain an unfair advantage can result in Bungie taking action, which, in some cases, includes account bans.

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Typically, when Bungie notices a major exploit with the potential for player abuse, the developers will quickly take steps to resolve it. However, the official Bungie Help Twitter account has yet to acknowledge the exploit, so there’s no word on how long it will remain in the game.

The multiplayer game is quickly approaching the Destiny 2 season 20 midpoint. This means players may be running out of time to collect some of the new Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics, as Destiny 2 season 21 is just on the horizon.