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Destiny 2 is turning a well-loved glitch into a new feature

A Destiny 2 Vault glitch is being turned into a full feature by Bungie, as it promises to leave the janky trick in tact until a fix in 2024.

Destiny 2 Vault glitch: a young woman with light blue skin, glowing eyes, and frizzy pale hair

One Destiny 2 Vault glitch is officially being turned into a feature by Bungie, as it makes accessing the Vault in the online FPS a lot simpler. With The Final Shape delayed, but still on the way, Bungie adds that its official version of the glitch should let fireteams vault “from anywhere” after The Final Shape comes out.

There’s currently a glitch in Destiny 2 that’s letting players go straight to the Vault, where they store gear, instead of having to access it from either the Helm or Tower, as is the case normally in the FPS game. Bungie has responded to this with the classic ‘it’s not a bug it’s a feature’ line by promising to fix the problem, telling players that the bug will be reintroduced as a feature in 2024.

You can see the glitch, courtesy of ‘CheeseForever,’ below.

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“Tomorrow [Tuesday, December 5], we have a fix deploying for a bug allowing players to vault from an activity without the proper UI or full fireteam support,” Bungie’s Destiny 2 Team Twitter/X account says. “However, based on the positive reception for this bug, we’re planning on reverting tomorrow’s fix in a January update.

“We’re going to let this bug remain a feature (in its currently janky implementation) so you can retain the current level of vault access and give us feedback on your experience to inform the full polished version we are planning to build in the future.

“Our goal is to allow your full fireteam to be able to vault from anywhere in an update after The Final Shape.”

Destiny 2 Vault glitch: a tweet from Bungie about plans for the Vault glitch

So this Vault bug will still be in the game as of the December 5 patch, just “janky,” with it becoming a proper feature in January 2024.

Considering Bungie just laid off a lot of its workforce, delayed The Final Shape, and removed a pricey Destiny 2 starter pack from sale, this move is likely a way for the team to try and curry favor from fans by turning a convenient bug into an actual feature in the game.

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