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Diablo 4 bonus XP, gold, and free items can be yours if you’re quick

The Diablo 4 anniversary event March of the Goblins is here, beginning with extra treasure and free gifts with bonus XP and gold on the way.

Diablo 4 bonus XP and gold up for grabs as anniversary event kicks off - A barbarian yells.

If you’ve been tempted by Diablo 4 Season 4 but haven’t yet stepped back into Sanctuary, it might be time to change that. Starting today, the Diablo 4 March of the Goblins has begun, giving you the opportunity to claim a bunch of free gifts for the Blizzard RPG’s first anniversary, along with a whole heap of bonus gold and experience over the coming weeks. With the Loot Reborn overhaul, there’s a big temptation to return and see what’s changed, and there’s no better moment to do so than now.

Diablo 4 Season 4 has given the game the dramatic loot rework it sorely needed, stripping back plenty of the more useless filler affixes and bonuses in favor of more noticeable gear upgrades and new ways to craft your items into best-in-slot masterworks. Along with the numerous changes made to the RPG through the past two seasons, including new endgame activity The Pit, Diablo 4 is finally starting to feel like the game it needs to be to succeed.

To commemorate its first anniversary, Blizzard is kicking off the Diablo 4 anniversary celebrations on Thursday June 6. This starts with a selection of free gifts that includes a new mount, a set of mount armor, and weapons for all five Diablo 4 classes. These are set to appear in the shop through Wednesday June 12, although Blizzard notes that you will have until Thursday June 20 to claim all of the gifts for your account.

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Alongside the giveaway comes the March of the Goblins event. Running from June 6 – 13, this sees a wealth of Treasure Goblins flood into Sanctuary, and their bags will be more densely packed than ever, so be sure to hunt them down – especially in dungeons, where you’ll encounter them in pairs or groups. You’ll also run into additional greed shrines, just to help you rack up even more cash as you explore.

The Diablo 4 Mother’s Blessing event also returns, giving us ten days of 25% bonus experience and 50% bonus gold. Both increases are multiplicative, work across all world tiers on both seasonal and eternal characters, and stack with other bonuses such as elixirs. While the start date for this bonus is unconfirmed, Blizzard community manager Adam ‘PezRadar’ Fletcher says the team “will have a date for this soon.”

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